Advertisement and Promotion in Business

Introduction to Advertisement and Promotion

Advertisement is a part of promotion which most of the business organizations uses for the purpose of publicizing products and services at market place. The present research report has been made with an attempt to analyze communication process in advertisement industry and how it manages flow of information in different sectors. Other than this, the study has also evaluated the ways through which promotion can be regulated along with the current trends that are included in advertisement and promotion industry (Leslie, 2005).

Furthermore the research has discussed branding and its role which basically underpins business practices while promoting and advertising business products and services. Researcher has explained primary techniques of below the line promotion and its way of integration with promotional strategies of firm. Marketing campaigns and its effectiveness in product promotion has been stated in the study which is further assisting in promoting calling card in UK.

1.1 Explain the communication process that applies to advertising and promotion

Communication is considered as the most essential process which is included in all sorts of work processes and it is also a major facet of marketing and in the present case, it is integrated directly with advertising and promotion. The process of communication in subsequent industry is mentioned as under:

  • In order to promote international calling card, it is crucial for the advertising industry to facilitate planning about each and every facet so that uncertainties can be managed properly. While planning, it is crucial to include budgetary and other aspects so as to manage business processes in prominent manner (Lubetkin, 2000).
  • Afterwards planning, it is also required for the industry to determine the ways through which the use and facets of international calling cards will be promoted. Here the advertising industry to develop message in terms of promotional ways as this ensures optimum sales of calling cards in UK.
  • The international calling card company of UK is also required to get authority from the advertisement and promotion industry and they need to get requisite consideration while selecting promotional tool (Rossiter, 1987).
  • The message then needs to be promoted among the market so that customers can know about the availability of such cards. Proper way of promotion is requisite to be promoted.

1.2 Explain the organization of the advertising and promotions industry

There are several categories which are divided into advertisement and promotion industry and they also manage their work processes in similar manner. Here is the list of all those organizations is stated as under:

Generalized advertising organizations: These organizations are useful at the time of organizing generalized advertisements and the organization usually considers developing logo and brands for specific products and services.

Specialized advertising organizations: These organizations are designed to greater types of organizations and these are also used for the purpose of specifying adequate business products. Such type of entity is also useful in promoting business aims and objectives (Hanafizadeh and Payam, 2012).

In-house advertisement organizations: This is useful for when individual tasks are interrelated and it involves each and every person while promoting business calling cards.

Interactive advertisement organizations: This is basically useful for internet and television specific advertisements. In the contemporary world, such types of organizations are highly useful and this also gives value to the organizations. Such types of organizations include creative aspects which persuades customers on higher extent. This can also be used in present case (Shah, 2009)
Hence from the discussion, it is clear that the interrelated advertisements organizations work in proper manner for enhancing promotional aspects of international calling cards.

1.3 Assess how promotion is regulated

Promotion is regulated in adequate and that needs to entirely concerned with regulatory frameworks and this further also manages legal requirements of advertisement and promotion industry (Scheinbaum, 2014).

Pre development stage: This is the stage where international calling card is required to be promoted in prominent manner and here the company is required to facilitate every aspect so that product can be launched at market place. Here reviews can be ascertained for promotion of international calling cards.

Product starting: In order to promote international calling cards, it is useful for the company to start every phase with planning and distribution and here the accurate use of product should be promoted (Faber and, 2005) Here promotion is regulated with legal rules so that customers can be persuaded appropriately. Here advertisement needs to be very much lucrative for developing international calling cards.

Offers oriented promotions: These are useful for carrying certain types of promotion and the main purpose of such thing is to increase the ratio of sales and revenue by publicizing products and services. Here certain offers are required to give to end users so that they can also retain with the company.

1.4 Examine current trends in advertising and promotion

The major trends in advertising and promotion industry are directly related to internet and media sources. In contemporary market place, all the organizations are using indifferent sources for managing product success and here international calling cards can also be promoted for the same aspect. The majority of advertisement organizations are basically categorized into two general accomplishments; however the main aim is to persuade clients towards products and services. Promotions through online is becoming more common as all types of customers can be segmented towards innovative products and services (Hackley, 2014) Despite this, one of the major aspects is that with the help of numerous sources of internet, innovative and creative aspects can be included while advertising international calling cards. There are so many cases in which business uses numerous promotional techniques for developing the brand image of the company and products as well. In many cases, it is being revealed that today the main source of advertisement and promotion both is to entice customers’ today international calling cards and this is also suitable in terms of managing enhancing sales of the company. ICT has impacted these organizations in many ways as they help the company to facilitate new ways of managing product promotion at market place.

2.1 Explain the role of advertising in an integrated promotional strategy

Advertisement is basically another technique of promotional strategy and this aims to encourage selling of products and services to different customer segments. Here in the present case, international calling cards can be promoted with the help of internet marketing as today all the organizations have been promoting their products and services directly from online sources. All the segments of customers are available at one place so this also aids in avoiding extra operational costs. Promotional messages always integrated with all elements of a product; hence here promotional strategy, price and place mix can also be included (Rossiter, 1987) Advertisement plays major role in integrated promotional strategy as this helps business to comprehend the actual need of specified promotional tool. This boosts the creditability of promotional aspects and it also makes sure that customers are getting right kind of message from the promotional message. It plays prominent role in advertisement industry since that entices customers towards the use of international calling cards. Hence from the discussion, it is clear that advertisement strength the promotional messages and it also ensures proper acquiring market share. Therefore it involves several sorts of tools and techniques for managing business promotion in external market place (Leslie, 2005).

2.2 Explain branding and how it is used to strengthen a business or product

Branding is the concept that aids business to promote products and services by emphasizing on logo, brand message and any other specific attribute. Branding entices customers towards products especially to those who are status conscious and who never consider pricing major facet of product promotion. Here in the present case, branding is useful to promote international calling cards so that the people who frequently travel to different places can make use of such thing (Belch and Belch, 2011) On the other side, it enhances the image of business amid various rivalries and ensures creation of competitive edge in external market place. For example- Tesco sells its products and services by emphasizing on the brand image of the company and this is also ensures greater profitability of the business. Branding is the concept that aids in managing business sustainability and this retains customers for longer period of time. Another example is of Starbucks that it aids the coffee store to manage customer base since the customers are enticed only on the basis of brand image of the company. Other than this, there are also several other examples that focuses on branding concepts for underpinning company’s products and hence this can be applied in the case of international calling cards.

2.3 Review the creative aspects of advertising such product as calling card

Advertisement always involves creative aspects to be included while selling products and services and this is also required in the case of promoting international calling cards. Numerous sorts of brand layouts and brand message can be included for the same so that the reach of international calling cards can be promoted in external market places. There must be enticing elements while promoting products and services at market place since it also allows facilitating word of mouth publicity amid other customer segments (Solomon, n.d).Pay per click and brand strategy are the most useful techniques which can be included while promoting international calling cards as through this, additional services can also be provided to the customers and mediators. Here certain elements can be included like the long term use of product, its differentiation factor and price force also. In contemporary market place, it is crucial such aspects so that calling company can differentiate itself from competitor’s identity and that also ensures optimum growth and success. The product can be promoted adequately with the help of emphasizing color, shape and graphical elements so that the target audiences can acquire the same message (Rossiter, 1987).

2.4 Examine ways of working with advertising agencies

In order to work with advertising industry, it is crucial for the organizations to consider all legal and ethical aspects so that business position can be retained at market place. Here in the case, goals and objectives are required to develop so that advertisement industry can ensure that they are supporting the right entity. Advertisement should always make sure that they are delivering right and accurate message to the general public so that each and everyone can comprehend the message. The international calling card company needs to emphasize on suitable budgetary system so that every aspect about promotion can be integrated properly (Shimp and Andrews, 2013)furthermore sustainable contacts and relationships are also required to develop with the prospective buyers in terms of communicating them. Ad agency needs to be included for the same as that sets several regulatory frameworks for advertisement and promotion. The working essentialities also state that international calling company needs to produce timelines so that appropriate goals and objectives can be acquired for the same. All the decisions should be entirely taken for the purpose enhancing the brand image of the company and international calling card as well.

3.1 Explain primary techniques of below-the-line promotion

Promotional techniques are useful for the purpose of managing right kind of information to the prospective buyers and this is also the most adequate way of managing international calling cards at the market place. Different forms of communication can be used for the same purpose and on that basis certain criteria can be considered such as price promotion, competitors and rewards and cash payments. These are the major techniques which are also useful from productivity point of view and this entices customers on larger scale (Scheinbaum, 2014). Hence promotion of call cards can be facilitated with the help of managing indifferent ways for business promotion and also for product promotion. In context to that, the present case can undertake price element into account as through this, price conscious people can also be persuaded for the same category. The product can also be used for frequent purposes in which it should give varied benefits to the customers. Hence from the discussion, it is clear that brand strategy of the international calling company can also be encouraged for the same purpose.

3.2 Evaluate other techniques used in below-the-line Promotion

There are many techniques through which products can be promoted and the same case can be applied to international calling cards as here the customer segment of UK market can be enticed by creating attractive advertisements. In contemporary scenario, all the companies have been emphasizing on customer preference for retaining them for longer period of time (Hanafizadeh and Payam, 2012)On the other side, international calling card company can offer numerous schemes and discounted offers to the customers so that they can differentiate the product with that to competitors. On the other side, there are several other techniques also such as focus on customer relationship management and additional amenities to prospective buyers. This is also considered the best way of protecting the clients from product issues and hence directly word of mouth publicity can be facilitated.

4.1 Follow an appropriate process for the formulation of a budget

Budget is considered as the most crucial factor that helps the international calling cards to manage promotional aspects in limited resources. Companies always develop budget so as to use resources in optimum manner and this is also useful in facilitating resource constraints. In the present case also, international calling card can consider budgetary aspects so that organizational resources can be used in proper manner. International calling cards needs to be promoted with the help of proper identification of sales and revenue target as according to that certain changes in business and organizational resources can be made respectively (Shah, 2009).Hence in the first level, it is crucial for the international calling card company to emphasize on budgetary aspects of promotional strategies so that adequate cost system can be maintained in the organization. Next is to involve the company in finding out the actual cost of the market scenario and as per those different entities related to advertisement and promotion can be involved. Hence lastly the international calling card company is required to formulate a proper budgetary system and this also ensures proper allocation of resources.

4.2 Carry out the development of a promotional plan for the calling card

In order to promote international calling card, appropriate plan is developed so that the possibilities of growth and success can be facilitated. The promotional strategy needs to integrate with budgetary systems so that proper publicity of international calling cards can be facilitated(Quester and Thompson, 2001).creative aspects need to be included in promoting calling card as through this, customer’s attention can be acquired. Development can only be facilitated if large pool of audience is segmented for the same purpose. Promotional technique should be prominently used and as per the same thing, sales brochure and retail outlets can be organized. One of the most crucial aspects is that promotion can be facilitated with the help of emphasizing the needs and preferences of the customers so that proper promotion can be facilitated. Here market needs to be defined so that according to that, retail outlets can be distributed and that can also work in managing success of international calling cards. The promotional plan can be developed only through managing appropriate steps and thus the promotion of international calling cards can be successfully (Leslie, 2005).while planning for development, it is also crucial for the company to include all the concerned entities in decision making process so that appropriate decisions can be taken. Lastly Calling Card Company needs to provide additional services to the customers for retaining them for longer span of time.

4.3 Plan the integration of promotional techniques into the promotional strategy

Promotional strategies are always required to integrate with the other aspects and for that several aspects related to publicity of merchandise can be encouraged. As apparent to other plans and processes, international calling card company must also emphasize on retail outlets and this can also facilitate brand promotion. Certain sorts of websites and promotional sites can be included so that large pool of audiences can be included for the same (Schultz, 2008).Monitoring and controlling at every stage is required so that deviations and obstructions can be avoided. It is also crucial for the company to consider feedbacks and opinions of the customers so that certain sorts of changes can be made in the entire marketing plan.

4.4 Use appropriate techniques for measuring campaign effectiveness

In the present case, international calling card company can also organize marketing campaign in terms of promoting the same thing, hence there are certain criteria defined which can be used for measuring the same success and effectiveness and some are mentioned as under:

  • Analyzing frequency of customers who are visiting the campaign on regular basis.
  • The sales and revenue ratio can be measured so that success and profitability aspects can be grounded (Lubetkin, 2000).
  • Communication level can also be ascertained so that the relationships with customers can be identified. Proper relationships with customers can also enhance the overall success of the product (international calling card).


Articulating the case it is evident that tools of marketing are directly concerned for promotion and advertisement regulations. In contemporary world, there are so many tools and techniques which can be adopted for managing business promotion in external environment. In order to enhance product promotion, it is essential for the company to include creative aspects and elements and that are being stated in the research study.


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