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Business Ethics

Introduction to Business Ethics A Global Perspective

Use of morality in the business activities to ensure the benefits of the customers in it can be stated as a business ethics (Crane and Matten, 2016). Most of the success full business are depends on it, honesty, loyalty and fairness in providing benefits to the customers are parts of business ethics which can determine success of the business. This report is based on the business ethical theories which is used in the case study. This report is having focus on utilitarianism to increase the efficiency of the people working in the case study.



It is an ethical theory which is related to the business ethics of a particular person according to this theory activities made by the people has to be done in a pro[per manner by which they can maximise the positive impacts to attain the business objectives. This is an another form of utility, many of the employees working in an organisation has work in different departments which shows their multiple working level which help to their owners financially and supports in their working to accomplish work in the time limits. Multiple tasking people are the first choice of an employer which can help to them to attain their targets in to the time and which can help to the employer to manage financial effectiveness in to their business. According to this theory results of the actions has to be effective and good for the highest number of people which can make a help to the people which are connected with the actions (De George, 2011). It is a normal theory which defines that actions made a by a person is good or not and it's impacts also good or not for the people which are related to this.

Concept of utilitarianism

The theory has included cats which produced the good and bad acts in to the actions, many of the people are not having an intention to act wrong but their acts creates an adverse impact on the another people. According to this ethical theory of the morality in the actions can be separated in to the two different sectors which are good and bad, geed actions can be supportive to the stake holders which are connected with the action. It proves that actions which has made a by a person is creating pleasure for the others and decreasing their pain. It is the main aim of the act Utilitarianism on the individuals. It emphasise on the happiness and positiveness in the actions and results on the highest number of the stake holders.

Application of the theory on the Stephan case

Stephan runs grazing operation on the family farm with the support of the Ralph and Stephan is not having a particular option to earn money, so they are using multiple business to fulfil their needs to continue their life. So according to the theory Stephan is having a good intentions for the Ralph which is his part time employees and they are having a intention to provide more and more work to the Ralph. As per the theory each and every action is having a good or bad impact on the stake holders which creates a section in to the impacts. Ralph is a person which is happy with their jobs they are not having a particular job which is giving a pleasure to them to perform their work (Ferrell and Fraedrich, 2015). They are not interested to tie up in to a job and employer so Ralph is providing multiple services on alternate days to full fill their needs.

Stephan is having a target to buy a new farm by which they can provide a regular job to the Ralph, they are having a good intention for the people which are supporting in the business (Fassin, Van Rossem and Buelens, 2011). According to the utilitarianism theory Stephan is having their focus on increasing the utilization of the employees by which they can get the maximise revenues and profits by making business activities and as well as it can provide better opportunities for their stakeholders.

Various Ethical theories


Many of the organisations are having their self interest to manage their business activities and they are not having their focus on the happiness of the others in attaining their business objectives. As in the case of Ralph and Stephan, Stephan's father is not having any interest to expand their business. It shows that they are having centralized intentions and they are having focus on their personal needs and demands without caring to others.

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Ethics of duty

This is a business ethic which is supporting to the people which are based on their employers. It emphasise on the employers and owners of the organisation to make their business activities with proper loyalty and provide better treatment to the stake holders (Bowie, 2017). According to this theory Stephan is having responsibility to provide a particular job to the Ralph by which they can give them a proper remuneration to full fill the needs of their life. This theory creates a pressure on the employers to provide appropriate benefits to their stakeholders. It supports to the employees to get more better remunerations and benefits by the employers.

Ethics of rights

Each and every person is having a legal rights which is provided by the legislation so it is essential for the employers which are providing jobs to the employees which are having a need to of job. According to this theory people which are having a power to control on the benefits of subordinates has to give appropriate solutions for the stake holders. As per this theory people which are working in the control of the others are having a right to get the proper benefits which are accepted and provide by the government (Mishra and Suar, 2010). As in this case Ralph is having a right to get their proper benefits from their employers. But Ralph is not interested to tie up with an employer so this theory is not applicable on the case.

Virtue Ethics

This is a theory which is based on the stake holder's behaviours which can make a impact on the actions. According to the theory people are having a power to make an environment which can be a hinder and foster in the business to attain the business objectives. As per this theory people has to generate more skills in them by which they can make a better working environment and as well as they can increase the working efficiency (Uysal, 2010). In the case of the Ralph and Stephan, Stephan is having a positive intentions for their stake holders and they are having a positive view for their future.


The above presented report has been concluded about the business ethics which is an essential element to make a positive work in the organisation. Utilitarianism is an essential element which can help to the employer to attain the business objectives and as well as it help to the employers to manage a positive working environment in the work place. Stephan is working according to the utilitarianism theory and they are having a positive intentions to provide regular employability to the Ralph. Well being is an essential element which can help to the employer to provide better benefits to the stakeholder.


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