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Human Resource Management In Hilton Hotel


Human resource management (HRM) is the process of managing people in the organization. It works to organize, plan, train and retain the employees in the business unit. HR department has to measure the performance of staff members and have to motivate them so that skilled workers retain infirm for a longer duration (Bratton and Gold, 2017). The present study is based on the Hilton hotel, it is the world’s most popular hotel that offers luxurious services to its guests. The current assignment will discuss the role and purpose of HRM with reference to the Hilton hotel. Furthermore, a human resource plan will be prepared for analyzing supply and demand. The current state of employment relations in the company will be assessed. In addition, the selection process of two different organizations will be compared.


1.1 Role and purpose of HRM

Human resource management is the technique to manage, acquire, plan the human resources of organization. Each firm s aim to enhance its profitability and productivity but for achieving this goal companies are required talented people those who put their hard efforts to meet the organizational goal. Hilton hotel is the leading firm that provides amazing hospitality services to its guests (Gannon, Roper and Doherty, 2015). Role of HRM in enterprise are described as below:

  • Planning: HR department of Hilton hotel to has to make planning for managing workforce. HR manager ensures available employees and required staff in order to forecast demand. This aids in making proper planning for ensuring the smooth functioning of operations.
  • Recruitment and selection: HRM plays the role of recruiter, HR manager of Hilton hotel analyses skills of candidates and select deserving applicant those who can perform better in business unit. Company ensures skills require for particular post and hire such candidate those who have these skills. HR manager of Hilton hotel prepare job specification and job description (Luo and Milne, 2014). It circulates the news of vacant post in news paper and its website for attracting more people towards the firm. This aids in getting pool of talented people and among them firm selects the best applicant.
  • Training and development: The purpose of HRM is to retain staff members in firm for longer duration. For accomplishing this goal human resource manager of Hilton hotel always tries to give training to staff members. Such kind of training programs are helpful in raising skills of person and making them aware with their role and responsibilities. This is the best way through which individual can perform better and can contribute well in achieving goal of business unit (Prayag and Hosany, 2015).
  • Performance management: The purpose of HRM is to measure performance of employees and promote them on the bases of their performance in organization. Hilton hotel takes support of behaviour and attitude approach to measure overall working efficiency of employees. This helps in analyzing actual contribution of person. Accordingly, entity gives rewards and recognition to its workers such as promotions, incentives, medical cover etc. All these things motivate person and boost their energy. Thus, they perform much better in firm that assist in improving operational efficiency of business to great extent (Paek and et.al., 2015).

Human resource management always ensure to retain skilled people in firm for longer duration. Its main purpose is to minimize gap between required people and existing employees. Thus, hires the best candidates and retain them in Hilton Hotel for longer duration.

1.2 Human resource plan

Human resource planning (HRP) can be defined as process of analyzing difference between present staff and future employees’ requirements in organization. HR manager of Hilton Hotel has to ensure how many posts are vacant and what kind of skills are required for particular designation. HR manager of entity always ensure to fill the vacant post with most deserving person so that overall performance of enterprise can be increased. HR has to analyses supply of employees and demand of actual staff in business unit (Lee, 2015). Accordingly, person has to make plan so that gap between demand and supply can be minimized. Human resource plan of Hilton hotel is described as below:

Identification of vacant post

HR has to recognize the vacant post that is needed to be filled with deserving applicants. Once vacant post has been identified then individual starts the recruitment and selection process to fill this post (Baum, 2015).

Skills recognition

HRP involves recognition of qualities and skills in candidates. The ensure that person has all skills that are required to perform particular job significantly.

Recruitment of deserving candidate

In next phase HR manager of Hilton Hotel recruits the best applicant. For filling this vacant post individual give job advertisement in news paper and uploads details of vacancy on its website as well. By this way Hilton hotel attracts more people and selects the best candidate among them (Elbanna,2016).

Testing capabilities of person

In recruitment process HR manager of Hilton Hotel conducts aptitude test for testing skills of person. This supports in selecting the most deserving applicant in business unit.

Evaluating and monitoring plan

At the end of planning effectiveness of entire plan is being measured and if any issue is here then human resource manager resolve such problem by making certain changes in existing plan (Karatepe and Karadas, 2015).

Analyses of Supply

Analysis of HR Demand

Comparison between demand and supply

Key Positions

Average Turnover (in %)

Excess employees

Employees available in Hilton Hotel

New HR require

Estimation of new hire people

Front office manager






Kitchen staff






Customer Service manager






Operation managers






2.1 current state of employment relation in organization

Hospitality industry is considered as fastest growing and high profit generating sector. It contributes well in raising economic condition of nation significantly. Current state of employment relation is quite favourable that supports Hilton hotel in retaining its skilled people in business for longer duration. Enterprise has developed effective organizational structure and culture so that effective communication between employees and employer can be taken place (Stylos and Vassiliadis, 2015). This is beneficial in making direct connection with staff and identifying their requirements. Hilton hotel’s staff can share their problems with higher authorities and company also provides healthy workplace atmosphere. Appropriate structure supports in encouraging people to put hard efforts to achieve goal of the company. This helps in improving overall performance of enterprise in hospitality industry.

HR manager of Hilton Hotel takes the support of consultation approach in which human resource department considers views of staff members. It takes feedback from its employees and tell them to share their views (The Importance of Training and Development in the Workplace, 2018). This helps businesses in finding innovative ways to improve working efficiency and raising satisfaction level of consumers. That is why Hilton Hotel has become able to serve consumers well. Company creates healthy atmosphere and motivate staff members. Enterprise has adopted flexible workplace environment where employees can change their working hours and duties. Employee participation is very high and HR manager involve people in decision making process. This makes them feel valued and they support firm in each critical situation (Bratton and Gold, 2017).

Company always ensures to build healthy relationship with its employees so that conflict can be minimized and it can retain its skilled workers in company for longer duration. Hilton hotel has effective conflict management process. This supports in resolving issues of workplace soon and enhancing confidence of people. Furthermore, empowerment to workers is another strategy of Hilton in which it gives rights to its employees to take decision. This raise loyalty of person towards the brand and they put their hard efforts to meet the organizational goal (Gannon, Roper and Doherty, 2015). HR manager of company organizes training and development programs for staff members in order to improve their skills. This helps person in improving their working efficiency and retaining in firm for longer duration. Disciplinary procedure of enterprise always supports in dealing with issues and resolving problems soon.

2.2 Employment lows that affect HRM

The government of UK has made several legislation for welfare of employees, these laws impact on management of human resource to great extent in organization.

Health and safety act 1974

This law has been made by firm to protect staff members from r any risk. It ensures that higher authorities create safer workplace atmosphere for its staff members where people can perform their job easily without any trouble. Hilton hotel follows this legislation in appropriate manner. It ensures that no accidents occur at workplace thus, maintains of machineries is done on regular bases. Furthermore, company also provides trainings o staff members so that they can deal with such issues easily (Luo and Milne, 2014).

Data protection act 1998

This is another employment legislation that states that each firm is required to protect personal detail of employees carefully. Companies cannot share these details with guests or with any third person. It is essential to keep data secure. This helps firm in raising confidence of its staff members and making them loyal towards brand. Hilton hotel maintains records of its staff members in password protected computer and do not disclose any detail of its employees with others (Prayag and Hosany, 2015).

Equality act 2010

This act ensure companies can not discriminate person on the bases of race, age, gender etc. Entities have to provide equal opportunities to all workers. Hilton hotel follows this law carefully, it promotes people on the ground of their performance rather than looking at their gender or age. It gives equal opportunities to disable persons as well. Furthermore, it creates such atmosphere so that disable person do not feel uncomfortable, if any person discriminate any other peer group members then HR manager of Hilton hotel gives punishment to the wrong individual (Paek and et.al., 2015).

Sex discrimination act

This law helps in minimizing discriminating on the bases of sex. Companies can not make difference between men or women. They have to give equal chance to both. Hilton hotel gives equal training to all people in business unit and gives equal promotional chance. That is why employees of Hilton hotel are highly satisfied and they are working in business unit from longer duration (Baum, 2015).


3.1 Job description and person specification

Job analyses is essential function of human resource department. HR of company has to ensure responsibilities of particular post so that they can design job specification accordingly. Job analyses are very effective in order to determine skills of people and selecting deserving candidates in business unit. Job description and person specification are two most essential elements of job analyses (Elbanna,2016).

Job description

It can be defined as written statement for particular post. In this element HR manager has to ensure purpose, responsibilities, scope, working conditions for the candidate. By this way interviewee and interviewer both understands the worth of particular post .

Job specification

It is another written statement that involve qualification, experience etc. required for particular vacant post.

Hilton hotel is planning to hire Banquet manager for its London branch (Stylos and Vassiliadis, 2015).

Job description

Job title

Banquet manager

Reporting authority

Food and beverage manager

Working time

10.00- 7.00


Individual will be responsible for managing activities related to food and beverages. Person will be looking at front house and issues related to this department


  • Achieving the sales targets
  • Managing service quality and offering quality services to guests
  • Managing lower staff members
  • Managing needs of consumers and meeting with their expectations

Working condition

Healthy and safe



Incentives will be apart from salary, that would be based on performance of person

Job specification

Banquet manager will have necessary skills and qualification to be selected in Hilton Hotel.


Banquet manager


Bachelor degree from renowned university

Master degree in hotel management


2-3 year experience of relevant field


Good interpersonal skill

Communication skill

Technical skill

Knowledge of multiple languages


Candidate must be able to work in different shift

3.2 Comparison of selection process of two organization

Selection is the process of selecting the deserving candidate out of available candidates for particular posts. Human resource department of business has to eliminate the all undeserving applicants and have to select right candidate who can perform at this post effectively. Different organization takes support of different process to select the people on the bases of job requirements (Baum, 2015).

British Airways is the most popular aviation firm that always hires talented people in the organization. Selection process of British Airways is described as below:

  • Group exercises: This process is involved to judge the capability of person to work in a team. By this way HR manager of company ensures whether the person would be able to coordinate among all team members well or not.
  • Interviews: After conducting group exercise entity selects few candidates and call them for interview. In interview, committee members observe pressure handling capability, and other required skills of person. They ask some questions to analyse knowledge and thinking of person (Bratton and Gold, 2017).
  • Psychometric tests: This is another phase in which Hr of British Airways tests verbal and numerical ability of candidates. Aptitude test is being conducted for analyzing skills of person.
  • Interpersonal skill: By this way company ensures interpersonal skill and presentation capability of candidate.
  • Role play: In this section HR committee of company gives some situation to applicants and they have to play role for the same. This helps in identifying whether the person would be able to handle travellers or not (Luo and Milne, 2014).
  • Criminal recording checking: At lasts candidates background checking is not. They ensure whether the person has any kind of criminal record or not.

This is a smooth process and by following all these stages British Airways selects its final candidate for the vacant post.

The selection process of Hilton hotel

The selection process of Hilton is different from British Airways. It is described as below:

Conducting written test: Hilton conducts a written test for analyzing the skills and knowledge of the person.

  • Aptitude test: People who have been cleared that written test , called for aptitude test. In this phase their logical reasoning capabilities are being examined (Baum, 2015).
  • Group discussion: in next phase group discussion is done to identify their communication skill. Because Hilton hotel requires the person who can coordinate with guest well.
  • Interview: people who have been selected in-group discussion call for next interview round. In this session, Committee members ask questions with person to analyses their skills and capabilities. By evaluating their knowledge, HR manager selects the most deserving candidate in business unit who can perform better in organization (Karatepe and Karadas, 2015).


4.1 Contribution of training and development to effective operations

Training and development are two essential activities that support business in minimising errors and improving operational efficiency of company.Hilton hotel hires skilled people those who have necessary skills and talent to perform job effectively. But HR manager of entity provides training o the candidates so that they can improve their skills and can perform better in the firm. Training programs contribute well in achieving goal of business unit and helps in improving skills of workers (Stylos and Vassiliadis, 2015). This is the best tool through which productivity can be increased and entity can serve high quality services to its guess in hotel.

The main agenda of Hilton hotel is to increase its profit and improve satisfaction level of consumers. For that HR manager of enterprise continuously arranges training sessions so that persons can understand their job responsibilities and can perform it well. This is the best way through which operational errors can be minimised and overall productivity level can be improved (The Importance of Training and Development in the Workplace, 2018). There are two major types of training and development programs that are arranged by firm: off the job and on the job training. In off the job human resource manager of organisation gives information to people in boardroom or in class. Whereas in “on the job” method HR manager of Hilton hotel provides on the spot training to new candidates. Supervisors monitor their performance and give them indication so that new person can learn to perform well.

Training and development is very beneficial for increasing productivity of employees and by this way they feel comfortable in the firm. This makes them feel happy and they put their hard efforts to perform their task with full of efficiency (Karatepe and Karadas, 2015).Training programs are helpful in promoting healthy workplace culture where leaders encourage employees and workers support their higher authorities. By this way confusions are minimised and efficiency of entire operations get increased to great extent. This is beneficial in creating friendly atmosphere and people feel so motivated. Hilton hotel provides attractive discounts to its workers if they perform well. Thus, through training people improve their efficiency level and they become eligible to get these rewards by performing well in business. By getting adequate training, employees get to know the best manner to serve consumers (Lee, 2015). Thus, they serve guest accordingly that raises satisfaction level of its customers. Hence, training and development programs are very effective to improve operations of Hilton hotel.

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From the above report, it can be concluded that Human resource management is an essential department in an organisation, it is responsible for managing people, improving their skills and retaining them infirm for a longer duration. It is the duty of the HR manager to create a plan for managing the demand and supply of employees. If the turnover rate is high then management has to make a strategy to retain its staff infirm for a longer duration. The company has to give rewards and recognition to its workers so that they feel happy and perform and put in their hard efforts to meet the organisational goals. Training and development are beneficial for raising the skills of employees. This helps in minimising operational errors and resolving issues. In this way, the operational efficiency of the enterprise can be improved.

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