Managing a Successful Business Project


Globalisation refers to a conceptual process by which a company can operate its business  at global scale. It helps in reducing high inflation rates and giving advantage to customers to gain wide variety of products on affordable price. It also increases real wages by minimising the cost of consumption as well (Buhalis and Costa 2006). This report is going to make a discussion on how company can move its business on global scale. For this purpose, Jaguar Cars Ltd. has taken which deals in manufacturing sector and produces luxury vehicles. To enter into emerging marketplace, this assignment has formulated specific aims and objectives with a project management plan. Furthermore, to gather relevant data, process of primary and secondary research has also highlighted. Along with this, some recommendations are also given for Jaguar Cars Ltd. to accept the concept of globalisation for increasing profitability.    

Task 1

P1 Project aim and objectives

Globalisation is considered as boon for organisation, consumers and economy of a country. It helps in improving the quality of management and working condition of human resources in a company (Rugman,  2012) . This concept also reduced gender based wage discrimination as well as give opportunities to female workers to gain equal employment in international organisation. Globalisation has been a great force of launching new technologies and creating modifications in existing products to make them more valuable for consumers.

In context with Jaguar Cars Ltd., it has established business in 1935 in England, UK. In order to manufacture best innovative cars, this company has merged with Land Rover in 2013. Global trade is taken as casualty of increasing sales performance of a company  (Hopkins, 2012). Therefore, if this enterprise adopt the concept of globalisation then it will boost its output in more economic manner. It also give opportunity to customers to get products of other countries on easy rates as well.

  • Topic: “To identify the economic benefits of globalisation for business and consumers” A case study on Jaguar Cars Ltd.

Aim: “To ascertain the advantages of Globalisation for Jaguar Cars Ltd. and its consumers”.


The main objectives of present research are mentioned as below:  

  • To evaluate the impact of globalisation on business.
  • To discover the advantages of globalisation for Jaguar Cars Ltd.   
  • To identify the problems arise in Jaguar Cars Ltd. by moving business on global scale?
  • To recommend ways by which Jaguar Cars Ltd. can enter into new emerging market of other nations.

Research question:

  • How globalisation impact on business?
  • What are the advantages of globalisation for Jaguar Cars Ltd.?
  • What are the problems arise in Jaguar Cars Ltd. by moving business on global scale?
  • What are the  ways by which Jaguar Cars Ltd. can enter into new emerging market of other nations?

P2 Explain project management plan that includes cost, time, scope, communication, risk, resources and quality   

In managing and developing a project, concept of PMP (Project Management Plan) plays an important role. It defines approaches require to deliver the scope of project and how it should be monitored, executed and controlled in appropriate manner. PMP also acts as blueprint which provides specific direction to investigators to attain aims and objectives.   

Scope of project: 

This component of management plans reveals the scope of a project for a company. In context with present project i.e. based on identifying the benefits of globalisation for business and consumers, helps Jaguar Cars Ltd. in formulating effective strategies. Through this process, its managers can make business development plan for moving organisation into emerging market of other countries (Malecki and Moriset, B 2007). This would help in expanding business at global scale and increasing sale performance as well.


It entails resources used for completion and execution of a project within an organisation. It includes raw materials, equipments, technologies, human resources and adequate amount of funds. Arranging all these resources help in completing project on time.


 This part of PMP plan reflects cost required to implement a new project within organisation (Cantwell, 1995). In order to move business into new marketplace like China, Jaguar needs to make investment of near about 22k Euro as described in following manner:-



Initial Investment



 Operational Activities

 R&D Activities

Cost to IT Experts

  Licensing Fee








Closing Value



As every new project is associated with various risks that impact on profitability of business in negative manner. Therefore, it is necessary for managers of Jaguar Cars Ltd. to make risk management plan for availing benefits of globalisation. It provide guidelines to team-members to use alternative strategies in case of discrepancy (Buckley,2009) . This would help in minimising risk of failure of a project. Along with this, it also states managers of this company to use add more value in its products before launching in new marketplace.

Quality control: 

It assists investigators to concern on quality of project by monitoring on each phase of globalisation. This would help in obtaining best outcomes of entire project in efficient manner. With this assistance, whatever technology is going to take for moving business in new marketplace and promotional activities should be of best quality (Buckley and Ghauri 2004). This would help in creating awareness among international customers about products or services. With this assistance, managers of Jaguar gain advantages to enhance customer base and sales performance as well.   


For working on a project and complete it on time, it is essential for project managers of Jaguar to concern on communication system. With this assistance, they can develop and manage an easy flow of transformation of messages among team-members. By adopting effective way of communication like mobile technology, group-members can connect with each other and share relevant information on time. This would help in reducing occurrence of misconception which may impact negatively on project.


 It is the most important component of management plan that entails period under which a project will be completed. In this regard, for formulating aims and objectives, conducting primary and secondary research, addressing issues, analyzing data and more, near about four to six months are required (Ballou, 2007) .

P3 Explain work breakdown structure and Gantt chart

As it difficult for completing major activities within set period of time, therefore, generally project managers use two main concepts (Dunning, 2014). It includes Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt Charts, functions of both are interrelated with each other. WBS structure refers to a deliverable-oriented breakdown of activities of a project i.e. a task is divided into some manageable sections.  It also provided a necessary framework in order to estimate detailed cost as well as control overall schedule of project also.

(Source: Work Breakdown Structure, 2018)

 After segmenting the major activities into small components, project makers adopt Gantt Chart technique. It is used to set entire smaller activities in a proper time-frame (Crane and Matten,2016). In context with project of Jaguar Cars Ltd., a Gantt Chart is shown below. It entails some sub-activities of project management plan such as problem identification which requires minimum two days for formulation. For choosing suitable topic, manager of this company will take maximum five days as whole project is based on the same. Furthermore, 7 days are required for developing aims and objectives, 12 days to conduct literature review and near about 15 days for collecting relevant information, data analysis, findings and outcomes etc.


Task 2  

P4 Carry out small scale research

Research methodology is considered as most essential part of a project. It provides various techniques to collect data and relevant information of a specific topic. It includes qualitative and quantitative data, primary and secondary resources etc. through which  investigators can address aims and objectives of a particular project. They can also draw valid conclusion from the sam

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