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Sustainable Tourism Development Services

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Sustainable Tourism Development Services

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Introduction to Sustainable Tourism Development Services

Tourism is a major component of growth of economy in the whole world. Tourism affects the current and future economic, social and environmental factors. Along with this, they address the needs of visitors, industry as well as host communities (Bramwell, 2011). Sustainable tourism development provides guidelines along with management practices which are applicable in all destinations which are included in tourism. Sustainable tourism includes optimal use of environmental resources as it is the key element and it is helpful in development of tourism. It requires informed participation of all the stakeholders as well as it has strong political leadership which assist in ensuring wide participation. Sustainable tourism helps in providing proper satisfaction to the visitors. Further, it helps in raising awareness about the places so that the business entity can attain success in the industry (How to become a Tour Operator Manager, 2017). The main objective of this tourism industry is to improve opportunities related to job so that the local people can improve the living standard. In tourism development, stakeholder’s involvement is important. The present assessment will focus on different approaches of development planning of tourism and these approaches affect the tourism industry.


1.1 The way in which stakeholders can benefit from planning of tourism development in Philippines.

There are different ways in which stakeholders can provide benefits in Philippines from the tourism planning which includes:-

  • In the popular tourist destinations of Philippines, person having their own shops which offers the best services as well as products to the tourist according to their taste and preferences. It assist in improving the awareness with the proper response along with the suggestions which provide supports in formulating a planning in attaining the success in tourism. Benefit for local community from tourism development- more employment opportunities with raised living standards and increased spending power (Buckley, 2012).
  • Residents Person who reside near to the destinations of Philippines create a healthy relationships and bonding with the tourist. The members have to provide the support in proper planning as well as helpful in making the strategies which assist in attracting the visitors.
  • Regulatory bodies of Philippines play an essential role in improving the destinations of tourist. Along with this, it also play a important role in formulating a plan. The policies, schemes and rules having a impact on the entire process of planning in the development of tourist (BUTED and et. al., 2014). Benefit for government- earning lot of revenue from tourism development plans where an effective planning will attract more number of tourists from all over the globe.
  • Benefit for investors- getting more return on investment and new areas of investment.
  • Benefit for suppliers and other supportive industries- getting opportunities to expand the business and increase the supplies of other services or products to travel and tourism industry (How to start a tour operator business, 2017).
  • Tourist is also a key stakeholder who included in the entire process of planning in development of tourist destinations. There are different factors like age, gender as well as nationality of visitors which having a impact on the planning process of development of tourism. The members of Philippines have to make a appropriate plans according to the needs and requirements of the tourist so that they can attain the targets. They helps in improving the places by providing the fair charges of visiting the places.
  • Employees are also included in the stakeholders who perform their job perfectly and also in the proper manner. They play an important and essential role in making plans for the development of tourism in Philippines (Carlsen and Butler, 2011). They have to use the appropriate knowledge so that they can attain success in developing the places which are included in the tourism industry. It helps in expanding the business and assist in providing the better facilities to consumers.

1.2 Benefits and limitations of public/private sector tourism planning partnership in Philippines.

Public private partnership is a type of partnership between one or more people in public as well as private sectors for a long term nature. The members of Philippines have to maintain public as well as private partnership which helps in attaining the goals and objectives. Along with this, it also provides support in developing the tourist destinations which assist in attracting the tourist (De Castro and et. al., 2014). Philippines is having a large scope to increase tourism but their government is not having proper resources to develop this as they want, so they are having a option to make their work as they want.

Advantages of public private partnership

This partnership enhancing the solutions which is related to the development of infrastructure with the initiative of public as well as private.

  • Public and private sector partnerships are always supportive in nature which helps in achieving the task in the appropriate time intervals.
  • Private sector is having a strength to make better development as per the requirements of government planning. They are having resources like; advance techniques and machinery to develop sustainable tourism in the Philippines (Erkuş-Öztürk and Eraydın, 2010).
  • It is effective in developing the market as the private sector having a potential which will helps in making a new market which is situated near to the new emerging destination.
  • Partnership helps in improving the opportunities for unemployed candidates in Philippines, most of the peoples are unemployed and living in rural areas, this partnership is increasing a chance of employment for them. Private companies needs more manpower which helps in producing the activities and on the basis of that they can attain the targets according to the development plan which is made by government.

Disadvantage of partnership

  • Private industry is having man and money power so that they have a more control on tourism development which is not appropriate to retain public sector's profits in this development (Eugenio-Martin and Campos-Soria, 2014).
  • Quality management is get affected, private companies is more concerned about their cost and profits so they can make fraud with the government if they are having extra cost as per they decided in they contract, they can use lower quality material in basic infrastructure development of tourism destination.


2.1 Features of tourism development planning at different levels

Tourism development planning is a process which assists in developing strategies as outlining the task as well as schedules so that they can accomplish the goals. It embraces different factors which include social, economic, political and technological and concerned with the past, present and future. In Philippines, tourism industry aim to become successful in developing design of planning in the development of tourism at the different levels that is national, international, regional and subregional levels.

International level – The main objectives of international organisation is that they have to promote places which are involved in the tourism industry in Philippines. Along with this they have to use the proper policies so that they can attain the success. It measures the flow of trade as well as investment in the whole world (Frost, 2011).

National level – In this level, the business entity included in public and private sector to do work together in the development of tourism. Philippines promote the different facilities for tourist so that they can share best experience with other people. At this level, some trusts are also work hard so that they can gain the objectives of tourism industry.

Regional level – This level includes specific details while doing the development of tourist destinations in Philippines. The strategic plan at a regional level related to the specific cities or the specific destination. They have to make the proper policies which helps in promoting the tourism.

Sub-regional level – In this level, they need to do work close to regional as well as national level of the corporation. The strategic plan of sub regional level helps in promoting and protecting the destination (Human Resource Management (HRM) - Definition and Concept, 2017).

2.2 Process and significance of interactive planning in tourism development

Interactive planning in the tourism development focuses on creating the future by designing the appropriate plans so that they can develop the tourist places in Philippines. It helps in providing a chance which helps in achieving the satisfaction that comes from proper thinking and carry out with the proper actions. Tourism industry facing some problems because in doing the developments they are having a limited resources (Goeldner and Ritchie, 2012). This interactive planning succour in making the appropriate budgets as well as helps in making the proper decisions so that they can do the developments. It suggest that collaboration as well as participative planning in the initial purpose and also helps in making the opinions in the planning process so that they implement. It will helps in making the better decisions so that they can reach to the participative process. Along with this they have to put more efforts to get the attention from public and private investors. For doing the interactive planning for the development of tourist destinations in Philippines, they have to do proper research and on the basis of that they have to make a plans and implement that plans which assist in reaping the better results.The significance of interactive planning is that at all the levels of business entity, society as well as tourist which are involved in the plans have to avoid over the spending on budgets as well as minimise the negative impact on the local communities which helps in doing the improvements in Philippines (Gonzalez, 2010). Along with this it aid in maximising the potential of destination for tourists. The members of tourism industry have to allocate the proper resources so that they can fulfil the requirements of tourists.

2.3 Different methods available to measure tourists impacts

There are different methods which are available for measuring the impact of tourist and the measurement is necessary which helps in attracting the tourist destinations. In Philippines tourism industry, the aim of this planning process is that they have to evaluate the objectives so that they can fulfilled the needs and wants of tourists which helps in measuring the impact of economic, social and environmental impacts. Some methods which can be used by the tourism industry of Philippines which helps in measuring the impact on tourists.

Environmental measure – It aims that they have to analyse the cost of environment which are significant for every tourism industry. Some legislations which is related to environment measures like Environment Impact Assessment which helps in attaining the objectives and predicting the consequences of the development activities. Along with this it helps in identifying the necessary measures (Graci, 2013).

Social measure – This method is very difficult which helps in measuring the social impact on the development of industry. There are two methods which can be used by tourism industry of Philippines so that they can collect the correct information. First method is collecting a data through primary source which includes questionnaire, feedback etc. Second is secondary source which includes government records, newspapers etc.

Economic measure – This method is mostly used by tourism industry of Philippines which helps in doing the improvements. It concerned with the economic impact and the tourism related to economic can be understand with the help of people's income which are living in rural areas. It aid in obtaining the benefits for the businesses. Moreover, it succour in providing the job opportunities to the local people.

These are the methods which can be used by the tourism industry of Philippines so that they can do the appropriate developments and by that they can attain the success (Hinch and Higham, 2011).


3.1 Methods to resolving the conflicts of interest

In the tourism industry, competition as well as complexities increasing day by day and on the basis of that conflicts also occur in the activities which is related to the business operations. In the industry conflict can be arise at any point of time and it is important and essential that they have to resolve this conflict which helps in attaining the success in the travel and tourism industry. In the developing country like Philippines, conflict of interest slows the growth rate. These conflicts can be a nature of political, financial, economical etc. Along with this they are having a impact on these country which is damaging in nature (Jung, 2010). The living condition of the person in economy create a conflict happening in society and then it creates the unambiguity in them.

Conflicts of interest in Philippines :- The matters which create a conflict in the industrial sector which depletes its natural resources. They have a conflict which is related to religious between the communities hampering the social peace. These conflicts having the obstructions in the development of tourism.

Methods which helps in resolving the conflicts of interests :-

  • Avoidance is the method which helps in resolving the conflicts in which both the parties or either the parties act by avoiding the topic.
  • Another is competitive style. In this the members of tourism industry of Philippines tends to dominate other by creating winning as well as losing situation. Those members who are weak in doing the developments can be harmful.
  • Cooperation style is the best method which helps in resolving the conflicts which occurred in doing the developments of tourism industry in Philippines and try to find a common path of win-win situation (Lee, 2013).There are few methods which helps in resolving the conflicts of interest but Philippines can use cooperation and compromise style in resolving the conflicts in the developing country. Along with this it helps in making the friendly relations which would be in favour in the country (Liburd and Edwards, 2010).
  • Compromising is also a method which helps in resolving a conflict in which one of the member of tourism industry accept the certain term and meet them by using the proper solution so that they can attain the success in the travel and tourism industry.

There are few methods which helps in resolving the conflicts of interest but Philippines can use cooperation and compromise style in resolving the conflicts in the developing country. Along with this it helps in making the friendly relations which would be in favour in the country (Liburd and Edwards, 2010).

3.2 Implication of balancing demand and supply

The members of tourism industry in Philippines have to make a balance on the supply as well as demand which helps in managing a profitable condition. For doing the development of tourism it having a more significance which helps in spending the money and spend a time with their families as well as friends (Logar, 2010). So if the tourism destination is not having proper facilities it is making negative impact in the tourist. As the President of Philippines wants to increase number of tourist in their nation. Thus, they have to provide the proper facilities which helps in making a image in the travel and tourism industry. They have to do the proper management which helps in attaining the success. If the company members have to increase the tourist in Philippines then they have to provide the proper facilities. The company members have to fulfil the basis needs of the tourist and have to take the fair charges from the visitors for attaining the targets. They have to maintain a proper balance in the supply as well as demand which having a broad implication and helps in maintaining the image in the travel and tourism industry. If the Philippines government is failed in to make proper tourist environment and facilities for their guests, it makes negative image in them. These tourist can make a negative communication in their country, it reduce the image of Philippine tourism industry. So they have to make proper balance in their supply and demands in the tourism destination's facilities (Mowforth and Munt, 2015).

3.3 Moral and ethical issue of enclave tourism

Enclave tourism is a tourism in destinations where tourist activities are to be planned and congregated in one small geographical area in order to allow tourists so that they can gain the better experience of their travel intentions without having to travel far out into the remote areas of the host country (Nicholas and Thapa, 2010). Enclave tourism is focused on the different activities which are included in the different geographical areas of tourism. These facilities related to food, accommodation, transportation. These are the basic needs of tourist which are provided by the regulatory bodies of Philippines as well as partnership firm. The members of tourist industry have to fulfil the needs and wants of tourist by providing the proper facilities. Along with this they have to provide the best and qualitative facilities to the visitors and have to fulfil the basic needs by managing the teams of the tourist destination of Philippines. Transportation is also play a important as well as essential role in the tourism which helps in providing the vision of the different sites to visitors and by that they can gain the best experience. Government of Philippines have to use the proper transportation system in the particular destination. Along with this they have to charge the fair price from the visitors (Weaver, 2011). These all facilities which are provided to the tourist it is based on the fair price which is related to the dignity of the nation. So, morality as well as ethics play a important role in enclave tourism.

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4.1 Current issues in developing country and emerging destination

Each country having their own status in the market that some are developed, developing and undeveloped. Developing countries are the most powerful in the world and in all sectors they are having a proper development. But the developing countries have to put more efforts so that they can be included in the list of developed countries. Developing countries having a different sectors which needs to be developed but they are having a limited resources that's why they are facing a problems in doing the developments (Yi, 2011). Nepal is a developing country and the members of Nepal have to put more efforts and do lot of work so that they can include in the developed country. The members of tourism industry who are doing the developments have to develop the infrastructure according to the international countries. Philippines also having a same problems but they are having a large number of investments which helps in doing the developments in infrastructure of the country. Comparison in the current issues which are facing by the developing country that is Nepal and emerging destination that is Philippines:

Issues Nepal Philippines

This country is focused on the targets. Along with this they are facing lot of issues which is related to the social factors which include unemployment which demotivate the new generation and by that they feel burden in doing the better work (Bramwell, 2011).

Philippines also facing the same obstacles but it can be resolved by putting more efforts. It helps inincreasing the business opportunities for the person who are unemployed and these person have to put more efforts so that they can make better environment in doing the work and provide the better facilities to the visitors.


Nepal is not have a economical stability but the members of tourism industry having a potential in developing a tourism because Nepal having a national park, mountains along with the temples which is helpful in developing the tourism which will also be helpful in economic growth.

The president of nation helps in improving the economic growth and the members of tourism industry in Philippines having a focus on their economic exchange (Buckley, 2012).

4.2 Recommendation for the future development of tourism

Development of the travel and tourism industry should never be minimised when the country have to do the appropriate development. Philippines as well as Nepal both are the attracting countries which have a lacking on the part of the development. In doing the proper developments as well as improvements Nepal have to make huge steps with the support of the other countries so that they emerged as a new tourist destination. I think that Nepal is a place where a person have to visit at least for a one time in a life. In Nepal, Rara national park is a emerging tourist destination as per my opinion. This place having a potential as well as uniqueness which attract the tourist and become successful tourist destination. But Philippines is lacking somewhere in doing the development but in the tourist destinations of Philippines does not have a potential that they become successful in attracting the visitors. Philippines is a coastal country and having a potential to attract a visitors. I believe that most of the people in the country loves to travel in the coastal areas. The industry which deals in food and beverages in Philippines can play a important role in the development of tourism.


From the above carried out analysis it has been observed that in the planning process there are different levels which assist in making the appropriate decision with the proper planning. Along with this Philippines have to make the rules and regulations according to them. It includes the different stakeholders which helps in improving the tourism services so that they can earn maximum profits. Emerging as well as developing countries having a strong position in the market which helps in providing the better services to the consumers so that they can lead in the potential market.


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