CHCDIV001 Assessment Answers: Structure, Examples, and More

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Nursing and community health services are considered to be the noblest of all professions. The job of a community health worker or a nurse is no less than that of an adventurer. Every day they embark on new missions with the aim remaining the same, i.e helping others. Being a part of a public domain, they have to work with a diverse range of people. If you are a nursing student who is looking forward to making a successful career in the field than one day or the other you are going to need assistance with CHCDIV001 Assessment answers as it is a coursework which is required to be completed by budding community health care workers especially if you are a student in any university of Australia. If you are already enrolled in this course and are looking for solutions to this assessment then the good news is that your search finally ends here.

In this blog, you will get to learn everything that you need to complete a CHCDIV001 Assessment with free samples so make sure you read it till the end. So without further ado Let’s get started.

CHCDIV001 Assessment: Work With Diverse People

CHCDIV001 assessment is usually a subset of the study of aged care, yoga practices, bilingual community education, etc. The assessment is basically focused on developing skills and knowledge which are required to be developed in a community health care worker so that they are able to work respectfully in an environment full of people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. A nursing student has to acquire an understanding of various cultures, their existence, and how they should be treated.

The CHCDIV001 Assessment ensures that students get acquainted with different types of cultures, their festivals, their way of speaking, and other factors that might come in handy while working in an environment with a diverse set of people. There are multiple elements in a CHCDIV001 assessment each of which is specifically designed to judge a person’s ability to cope up with the diversity of their workplace. According to this assessment, a student must showsome importance towardstheir -

  • Understanding of Communication Techniques - Verbal and non-verbal
  • Ability to Handle People of Diverse Backgrounds.
  • Cultural Safety Awareness
  • Attitude towards minorities and marginalized groups
  • Understanding of Diversity
  • Understanding of different issues which affect the minorities
  • Understanding of discrimination and its impact.

In other words, every skill that a particular person might require while dealing with someone of a different social, political, or economical background is assessed by this certification.

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What is the Importance of the CHCDIV001 Assessment Answers?

CHCDIV001 as you might have understood by now deals with the behavioral approach of a nursing staff candidate towards a diverse group of people such as aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. The assessment plays a major role in analyzing perfect candidates for community health care services as well as the nursing staff of a particular hospital. Based on the assessments which are included in this unit, one can easily evaluate a candidate's ability to handle situations involving different scenarios of their jobs.

It is an important unit from a student’s perspective as well because it can provide an insight into the career problems and situations a nurse has to face in their routine life as well as how to handle them in a more effective manner. These assessments have some practical tasks that are based on real-life scenarios of health care institutes. A person's competence is evaluated based on their performance in these tasks as performing these taskshelpsthem to understand whethera candidate be able to sustain in the official environment. There are different elements in a test that are used to evaluate a student’s capabilities.

Usually, the assessment is made up of 4 elements which include -

  1. Analysis of One’s Perspective- A candidate's perspective on various aspects such as social and cultural conceptions, self-ignorance towards awareness of social factors, and various other social customary practices.
  1. Acknowledging the Existence of Diversity and the Benefits of the Same. - This element is helpful in evaluating a candidate’s ability to respect the different social aspects of a diverse culture while working in an official environment.
  1. One’s Ability to Maintain Healthy Communication with People From a Diverse Background- This element is responsible to judge a candidate’s approach to interaction with people, whether one is able to display respect towards people from across all the sections of society or not. It is also used to evaluate a person’s ability to establish successful communication when language barriers exist.
  1. Endorsing Awareness About Diverse Cultures and Their Existence- This element helps a candidate to understand the importance of spreading social awareness about the existence of various diverse cultures in society and their surroundings. This also helps in evaluating a candidate’s presence of mind while handling a situation of conflict and whether a person takes an initiative to reach out to necessary authorities to report the matter.

These 4 elements combine together to provide an overall analysis of a person’s ability to handle and communicate with people from various diverse cultures and backgrounds despite having different opinions, beliefs, and language barriers. It also gives some practical insights to students who want to make a career in this field. CHCDIV001 is all about working with diverse people.

Wondering what a CHCDIV001 Assessment looks like and how to complete it? Keep reading as in the next section you are going to fond some really useful insights on how to answer work with diverse people assessment easily.

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How To Answer the CHCDIV001 Assessment?

To complete an Assessment you must first understand its structure and realize what does your assessment wants from you. Once you have all the details about the assessment, cracking it down is not a big task.

The CHCDIV001 assessment majorly consists of 3 types of modules, each of which is designed specifically with the purpose of evaluating a candidate’s understanding of diverse cultures and their ability to deal with situations which might occur in their day to day professional life. These assessments are -

Assessment 1 -Theoretical Problems ( Addressing Personal Opinions)

The first assessment of this Unit requires the students of nursing to answer certain conceptual questions by applying their knowledge about the subject and understanding of diverse cultures. If you want to answer assessment 1 correctly, you must be familiar with everything about different communities living around you such as Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. The student must reflect on their personal opinions as well as experiences that they have had while dealing with a diverse community in their personal lives.

Some of the questions that you might encounter in your assessment 1 of the CHCDIV001 are as follows -

  • List Down the approaches that you might use to understand various diverse cultures? Also, list down which approaches that you used was unusual for you.
  • How can you recognize someone’s requirement just by knowing their background? Also, mention how did you develop this understanding?
  • What according to you are non-judgemental practices? How can they get affected?
  • Do you think that handling clients from diverse social backgrounds can be handled by a person at the same time? Comment.
  • What are the possible practices that one should do so they do not offend anybody from their workplace?

Once you have done all the questions you are eligible to get started with the second part of your CHCDIV001 Assessment Answers.

Assessment 2 - Research Paper ( Understanding the Concepts In-Depth )

A student who has successfully passed assessment 1 is now well equipped with concepts and practices required to complete research on various concepts of diversity and other communities. Terms such as cultural awareness, cultural safety, and cultural confidence are required to be understood by each one of the students to pass the second assessment. A nursing student has to choose a topic or a community that they are going to research on and then provide their explanation of these terms based on their research and their understanding of their subject.

To pass assessment 2, one must analyze the subject by evaluating the following factors -

  • The Impact of Social Factors on a Community
  • Economical Factors of a Community
  • Influence of Politics and Other Policies on a Community
  • Cultural Differences Between Communities

Once you have analyzed all these factors you will be able to understand all the situations that a community faces in their daily life and you will also be able to gain awareness about various discrimination and seclusion that communities such as aborigines and Torres strait islanders have to face. This assessment is a crucial part of your CHCDIV001 as this one prepares you with all the necessary insights that you might require while working in a diverse work environment.

The next and final assessment tests your ability to apply what you have learned as it will be based on a simulated real-world scenario.

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Assessment 3 - Decision Making ( Solving Problems Based on Simulations )

After learning about every possible thing in the previous 2 assessments of the course CHCDIV001, it is time to prove that you have gained what is required and are able to implement your concepts in the real world. You will be given questions based on a situation from a daily routine of a community health care worker and asked to provide a solution to how will you handle the situation. The main motive of this assessment is to evaluate whether you are able to apply the concepts of working in a diverse environment or not.

The questions that you might face in these assessments can be similar to the following situations -

  • Situation 1

Omar is a 97-year old person and has always appeared to be depressed and gloomy. He is a part of the Muslim community and prays 5 times a day and visits the mosque every Friday. Being a strict follower of the Muslim community, he prefers to eat only halal meat. he is very unsure about that the food that is being supplied to him and that is why he is skipping meals which are deteriorating his medical condition. Consider yourself as a part of the medical staff and explain how would you handle the situation without hurting Omar’s beliefs and sentiments.

  • Situation 2

Two of your clients Mrs. Smith and Mr. Carter who are admitted to the same health care center have a difference of opinion based on political beliefs. Where Mr carter is a supporter of the Liberal party, Mrs smith strictly opposes the political ideologies of a Liberal party. Both of them often enter into political arguments while they have their lunch because of their political views. Mr. Carter has often crossed the parameters defined in the official behavioral principles. Whenever one such incident occurs, Mrs. Smith always rushes out from the dining area which is also a contempt of regulations of your medical facility. What action could you take in this situation to manage the behavior and misconduct by both Mrs. Smith and Mr. Carter?

As you can already understand, both of these situations involve clients from diverse backgrounds and social, political beliefs. To solve these questions you need to imply a subjective outlook on these scenarios and reflect an understanding of the delicate nature of the situation and your decision-making abilities. The central goal of assessment 3 is to analyze your ability to react when you encounter a compromising situation and how you maintain your ethics and principles in demanding circumstances.

If you can pass this assessment then congratulations as you will be able to get CHCDIV001 certification. It is not a tough job to crack the CHCDIV001 assessment answers if you are familiar with concepts of diversity.

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Now that you have read so far, you might have understood what it takes to pass the CHCDIV001 assessment. The assessment is really important from a perspective of a nursing student as it is really important for them to learn about the diversity of people and how they can interact with them without hurting anyone’s social, political, or financial sentiment. As a nurse or a community health care worker, one is required to deal with a lot of different types of people and to deal with them in a sophisticated manner, one needs to be familiar with their background, their beliefs, and their way of living. The above mentioned is a sample of CHCDIV0001 assessment which a student needs to complete to get certified. If you are still struggling with your assessment or you are unable to find all the CHCDIV001 assessment answers then you can also refer to expert assignment help providing services such as Global Assignment Help, Australiafor assistance.

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