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Understand CHCLEG003 Assessment in the Blink of Your Eye with Expert's Help

09 Jun 2022 559 10 minutes
Global Assignmnent Help Australia

What Is CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance?

The CHCLEG003 Assessment Answer includes skills and learning necessary for resourcing data. It is based on compliance with the policies of the organisation's legal practices, ethics and responsibilities. Through this assessment unit, students will learn how to develop policies and procedures to organise and meet the compliance needs of a company.

The learning from this unit is beneficial for individuals who are applying for managerial roles and responsibilities in medium to big companies. As CHCLEG003 assessment answers help students obtain skills for monitoring an organisation's ethical and legal grounds. They can do its task in groups, but its decision will depend on their professor. 

Legal Compliance for Legislative Flow

Legal compliance means that work or trade practices should legislatively follow a company's protocols. Ethical responsibility should also be followed and not depend upon individual choices. 

Tips to CHCLEG003 Ensure Compliance 

  • Document all rules that employees of an organisation need to follow
  • Consistently put efforts into applying those policies and methods
  • Always try to take a positive approach instead of saying no most times
  • Try to invest more in employee training 
  • Use positive criticism instead of the negative outlook
  • Keep the organisation's employees engaged and happy 

Factors Affecting Organisation Privacy Policy 

Government Action

A privacy breach is the primary concern of every business. It is mentioned in almost every organisation's papers. It is all to keep the user data safe and sound. The state government is bound to take responsibility for any data breach in a company. According to Privacy Act Australia, the fine for a privacy breach is about 2.1 million AUD or 10% of the annual profit made by the company created by using the data of users without their consent. 


The main goal of framing a privacy policy is to gain user trust in the company. A company's up and down majorly depends upon its customers and their confidence in the organisation's services. Unfortunately, various businesses often focus on improving their quality instead of enhancing their goods as the best in the market. Therefore, the demands of companies like apple and coca-cola are inelastic, and Facebook and Twitter have significant variation(primarily decline). 

Market Competition

Market competition is the leading reason for changing any company's privacy policies. This is due to changes in technology also making a business change its privacy policies. And to keep up to date with its competitors. 

Topics Covered in CHCLEG003 Work Legally and Ethically

Information Regarding Legal Compliance 

This section of the unit mainly focuses on the organisation's legal responsibility. T give you a brief, the manager has to translate the sources of information according to the need of the contract. A link must be maintained and strengthened over time between employers and employees. And this will directly affect the working of the company and the quality of the service provided by them.

Ethical Responsibilities of an Organisation

A specific framework is being used in the workplace. The management team must identify the breadth of ethical practices to boost work employees' productivity. This unit also includes examining workers', clients', and other members' duties. To operate effectively with numerous clients, it is essential to tailor your ethical behaviour to your degree of comfort. It plays a vital role in the CHCLEG003manage legal and ethical compliance assessment answers. It includes team management tactics necessary for a smooth organisation's productive operation.

Development and Communication of Policies

Several communication policies and processes are in place to successfully organise the task. Policies are statements that explain the methods for decision-making and delivery. Its mission is to guarantee that the business's values, goals, and other information are applied uniformly. In addition, it preserves worker consistency and coordination, allowing the task to be completed successfully throughout time.

Monitor Compliance 

Keeping track of all the people of an organisation will ensure constant improvement in the work environment and make grounds for ethical practices. This is majorly in the hand of the company's people, as they are the ones for whom the whole atmosphere is created. If they are not satisfied with it, the services and quality of the company can get hampered. Good staff observance always leads to the smooth management of the organisation. The various ways of monitoring include

1. Self Assessment- Creates Greater Accountability in the responsible individuals.
2. Continuous Monitoring- A feedback mechanism to form the internal control structure.
3. Internal and External Audits- To explain the entire monitoring process to the employees.

Maintaining Knowledge of Compliance

This unit contains the plans and challenges students must address through good planning. The first step is to identify the disadvantages of the regulatory environment caused by continuous compliance tactics. Next, students must address the issues by handling the root causes. After thoroughly assessing the areas for improvement, they must develop an ideal solution. Multiple checks are required to ensure that the enhancements are operating correctly. It is critical since every company eventually encounters faults in a smooth operation. Finally, students must replace old techniques with effective modifications.

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10 Vital Questions for CHCLEG003 Assessment Answer 

  1. Describe two pieces of information or advice on compliance that local, state/territory, or Commonwealth government departments can supply.
  2. Describe two regulatory agencies' roles and working methods in health and community services.
  3. Describe two places where occupational health and safety regulators can give compliance information or guidance.
  4. Explain why managers and other workers must be aware of their legal obligations and liabilities.
  5. Explain how the Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to community service delivery.
  6. Explain two Australian Privacy Principles that must be followed when recording or reporting sensitive information.
  7. Identify and identify one right and one obligation of community service employees.
  8. Identify and identify one client right and one client obligation in the community services sector.
  9. Describe how labour laws and regulations affect community service organisations.
  10. Describe one particular legislative reporting obligation about the community services sector.

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