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HLTWHS002 Assessment Answers: Follow Safe Work Practices for Direct Client Care

11 Jan 2021 2831 9 minutes
HLTWHS002 Assessment Answers

It is being said that security is not a product but a process. Every organization makes the safety processes in a way that they can be followed by every worker and client.

Workers are the backbone of every firm, building, and business, and their clients are the wheels for proper running. So, the health of workers and clients is at utmost priority for every company. You have to learn about all the mentioned things to write the HLTWHS002 assessment answers if you are pursuing this course.

Let’s have a look at what this course is about.

HLTWHS002 Assessment Answers: An Overview

This course gives you an opportunity to learn about the skills and knowledge required for a worker to participate in a safe work environment because it ensures workers' health and safety.

Workers’ safety is the main focus so that they can perform well in a safe atmosphere for clients. You have to learn all the manual practices needed to make a safe environment for clients and workers while pursuing this course. This course makes you aware of what are the policies and procedures that need to be implemented for workers' safety.

So, it is an interesting subject to pursue.

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Harmonization Model for Work Health And Safety

If any worker gets injured in the workplace, then it is a matter of concern for the entire organization. Not only this, the company has to take full responsibility for the injured employee,andthis is included in the expenses of the company. To avoid such incidents and any other types of incidents, companies create safety measures. Harmonization is a type of model generally followed by every business for safety reasons.

Harmonization is important for both businesses and workers for the below reasons. Have a look at them.

  1. Maintain the good nature of the workplace where work activities are undertaken.
  2. For the proper employment arrangements.
  3. It makes the individual responsible for safety.
  4. For the minimization of risk for workers in the workplace.
  5. Helps to create a good image of an organization, and more workers are hired if a firm has proper safety measures.
  6. Workers can work without fear if they feel secure and safe in their workplace.

These are the reasons for harmonization in any organization. But before implementing any policies regarding safety, you have to first identify what the problems of workers are and what are the hazards? Any organization can prepare flawless health and safety measures if they know workplace hazards for the workers. The identification process of problems can vary for different businesses.

Let's have a look at some points in the below section to consider before creating health and safety plans for workers.

How to Identify Existing and Potential Hazards in the Workplace?

To identify the hazards in the workplace you need to first understand what is the meaning of it.

Meaning of Hazard: It is the source with the potential to harm.

It can be in the form of ill health, damage to property, an unhygienic environment, and many more forms.

Now, read the main points to identify the existing and potential hazards.

  1. Spot the Potential HazardsAn organization has to prepare a list of possible hazards for its employees. Analyse the factors that can be reason of hazards and also cover foreseeable risks in the workplace to reduce risk for employees. Without spotting the hazards, no organization can come upwith excellent risk management policies.
  1. Conduct Risk AssessmentsThe employer needs to assess the risk that can be reason of potential hazards through questionnaires. He can estimate that to what extent a risk can harm the worker after reading the answers of employees. The risk measures can be created properly after identifying whether the risk is tolerable or not.
  1. AbsoluteParticipation of the OrganizationIf the organization participates fully to identify the hazards and make guidelines and rules, then risk identification can become far easy. If the risk is not controllable, then minimization of risk should be done to the fullest extend; otherwise, these risks can harm directly or indirectly at any time.
  1. EvaluateRisks:The employerneed to analysethe risk measures, he has to check whether they can be implemented properly or not, whether they can generate new type of risk. If there is a need to amend, then it should be done immediately.

This happens because circumstances change over time, somakingamendmentsin the risk policies is necessary.

HLTWHS002 course provides you the opportunity to learn various things apart from identifying potential hazards and harmonization model for work-health.

This is a vast course overlapped with businesses' functions and operations, so you have to writeHLTWHS002 assessment answers very carefully.

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What Problems Students Face While Writing the HLTWHS002 Assessments

  1. Poor writing skills stops the students to produce an excellent paper.
  2. Students fail to connect real-life examples of accidents with workers while writing answers.
  3. Feel unable to identify risk management amendments and their difference.
  4. Can’t identify potential risk sources that can harm the workers.
  5. Not able to find the best structures for assignment writing for this course.
  6. Fail to write appropriate risk metrics and identify which metrics are used when?
  7. Mis-measurement of known and foreseen risk.

These are the few problems students face while writing the HLTWHS002 assessment answers. Moreover, there can be more problems than the above. If you are also facing them and want flawless papers, then you can seek writing help.

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