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Stop Plagiarizing! Make the Assignment in Own Words with This Guide

30 Aug 2019 2513 7 minutes
Global Assignmnent Help Australia

Your assignment is plagiarized, this is the statement that every student fears hearing from the professor. And, this fear induces them to seek assignment help Sydney. Are you also frightened due to the same reason? If yes, then we have a simple solution for you, i.e., compose the document in own words. Now, you must be pondering about how to do it, right? Well, to know that all you need to do is read the next section of this document carefully.

How to Write an Assignment in Own Words ?

This is a common question of many students that how can they give their words to the assignment. Therefore, to help you and the others, here we share our expert's tips and tricks so that plagiarism can be prevented from creeping in your document. Go through them thoroughly as they will be your guiding light in composing an impressive write-up that can make you outshine the others in the class.

Tip 1: Understand the topic

Is it possible to give words to a thing which you fail to understand yourself? Well, we do not think that anyone can do that. To write something, first there is a need to comprehend what should be written. Therefore, before going ahead with the assignment writing, make sure you have understood its theme and the professor's expectations. Wondering, how to perceive it? Understanding the assignment's question is also simple. Look for certain keywords that help you with it. For example, if the problem contains the word such as describe, it means that the professor requires a detailed explanation of the subject matter.

Tip 2: Research the theme

Can you write anything on a topic without having any idea of it in mind? Most probably, no. To compose an assignment in your own words, having thoughts and ideas about the theme is one of the most basic requirements. Now the question arises from where to get these ideas? Well, the answer is simple, you need to research the theme thoroughly. Researching extensively will evoke your brain and help you come up with views that can be incorporated in the document. Along with this, it will also expand your knowledge of the subject. Wondering how to find the sources to get the much-needed information? Here we list some of them to make it easy for you.

  • Periodicals
  • Library
  • Encyclopedias
  • Your favorite Google
  • Newspapers

Tip 3: Keep citation in mind

Sometimes you feel tempted to quote other authors and famous personalities in your assignment to make it more impressive and impactfull. We understand this and doing it is not wrong either. But what makes it an offense is not giving the original authors their due credit. They have spent the valuable years of their life researching the topic to come up with such amazing masterpieces. Therefore, while using their work for your document, giving credit becomes important. When doing this, keep the university's citation guidelines in mind. Not adhering to the prescribed referencing style can induce the professor to cut your marks and make your work plagiarized.

Tip 4: Outline the assignment

Do you know why students fail to express themselves in the document and ultimately seek assignment help Sydney to complete their work? Well, one of the reasons for it is they skip the crucial step of outlining the write-up. To compose the assignment in your own words, it is of utmost importance to have all the thoughts properly organized in the mind. Without their proper organization, you cannot present them effectively on the paper. Therefore, always structure the write-up before going ahead with its composition. And, if you find it difficult or time-consuming to do it yourself, then click on that phone icon on our website and take our help.

Tip 5: Paraphrase the information

The words plagiarize and paraphrase might sound similar but they are poles apart from each other. The only common thing between them is the letter P. Plagiarizing means to copy the work of original author as it is. Whereas, the word paraphrase implies giving it a personal touch. Wondering how to do it? Well, doing this requires excellent summarizing and analyzing skills. Therefore, work on improving your skillset and try to summarize the information in own words. Now you must be thinking why is the analytical skill required? Well, only summarizing is not enough, you also need to give your views on what the original author has said. And, for that, there is a requirement of strong analytical power.

Tip 6: Use plagiarism check software

You, Mr. tech savvy uses software for everything, be it planning your daily tasks or paying for the mobile bill. Then, why not use it for detecting plagiarism in the assignment before the professor detects it and cuts your marks? There are a number of software that can help you eliminate this menace from the document. Need recommendations? Well, some of the best software our experts use include Turnitin, DupliChecker, Grammarly, and Copyleaks. Try using them.

To conclude, we can say that after going through the above tips from the experts, you will never submit a plagiarized assignment again. So, are you ready to impress the professor with original content and score high? We hope you are. But, if you still lack the audacity to do it or require more assistance, then contact us.

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