Academic Tool Awards 2021: 3 Tools that Ruled Every Scorecard!

01 Nov, 2021 154 10 minutes

Best Academic Tools that Helped Students Score Well Throughout the Year!

With November hitting the calendars, we are already at the end of the year, and this one has been full of interesting events. It was a crucial year for the entire world as it marked the restart of the functioning of the world after a year of pandemics and mayhem. The year was of sheer importance for the students, as now they were almost a year behind their studies and had to submit some crucial documents. While doctors helped the world recover, the students who lacked in their studies got support from the academic help experts and tools that made the task easier for them.

This blog can be called an appreciation post for those tools that helped the students conquer their papers. There are so many tools that have been introduced lately. Some were the need of the hour, while some seemed never needed. In this blog, let us understand the concept behind academic tools and why they play a crucial role in a student’s journey towards success. We will also be listing the top 3 tools that were the most used throughout the year and played an important role in assisting their scorecard. You can think of it as a gala of the best tools according to the students’ feedback and use trends noticed by the experts.

Let’s begin with the blog by introducing the concept of academic tools in the next section. Have a look!

What are Academic Tools? Why are they Important?

Every task that the professor assigns you is made of sub-tasks that combine to form the final document. Sometimes these tasks are obvious to complete, like adding citations and references to the document, and sometimes they are dependent on the student’s perspective. There are tasks like proofreading and checking copied content in the document to understand the paper’s level of originality that no professor assigns individually and you have to finish them on your own. While these tasks may not come directly with the document, they play a crucial role as your document is not said to be completed if these tasks are finished properly. Students feel that these are extra efforts, and thus they try to avoid them. It is why tools were introduced to finish these academic tasks. A tool or an application that helps you finish a task related to your assignment is called an academic tool.

These were not available to the students a few years ago and have been recently introduced to the students. In just a few years, these tools have made a very important place in the student’s must-have checklist as they save a lot of time and make things easier for them. Students do not have to put in extra effort for finishing minute tasks, and the credit for that goes to these academic tools only. Features that make these tools important for the students are -

Saves Substantial Time

Take the example of adding citations. One has to break down the information about the source into the format related to the assigned method. It used to take a lot of time, but thanks to the reference generator, these things are automatically done, which saves a lot of time for them.

Simplifies the Task

It is not easy to find mistakes and then correct them on your own. You have to be fluent in what you work to ensure that the issues get resolved correctly. Specially grammatical errors and thus tools like grammar checker make the task super easy to finish.

Increases the Efficiency

A professional tool is more trustworthy than word of mouth. We all know that already, and thus any task completed by a tool is more efficient than what a student would do.

These factors make the tools important for the students, and thus the concept of academic tools holds importance for the students.

Now that you know about the concept, you can move to the next section and find out which were the 3 tools that not only did their jobs perfectly but also helped the students in securing top-quality grades in their documents. It’s time to reward them!

3 Tools that Stayed in the “Must-Have” List the Entire Year!

Many contenders competed throughout the year to stay on the must-have list for the students. But not every tool was fortunate enough to cut. Before we get started with the top 3, there is one thing that you must know, these rankings were decided based on their usage by the students and importance in the curriculum. Now with that out of the way, let’s start with these tools -

  • Grammar Checker Tool - This has been the most used tool by the students as every student tends to make the document more and more correct, and a grammar checker helps in reducing all the errors in a go. The accessibility and usability are some factors that make it the best one on the list. No doubt, students got better marks with the documents that they submitted.
  • Essay Typer Tool - This revolutionary tool is the newest among the lot and yet has managed to get the second position. The fact that writing lengthy essays takes a toll on students makes this tool worthy of use. Students can generate quality paragraphs and frame them in an essay to make the best documents in the least amount of time. The best part is that they are plagiarism-free so, the student does not have to worry.
  • Plagiarism Checker - Academic tools are not just limited to students as this one is also helpful for professors. A plagiarism checker is a tool that both professors, as well as students, use the most. It takes the third spot on the list. It helps an individual to realize if the document that they wrote has plagiarism in it or not.

These 3 tools have become a necessity for students in the year 2021 as they have now made things easier for the students. Not to forget some honorable mentions that missed the top 3 spots by a small margin, the paraphrasing tool, and the reference generator. Together these 5 tools can be the best combination for any student who aims to finish any document faster. These academic tools were the talk of the town in the past year.

Still, Sleeping on These Tools? It’s Time to Wake Up!

You might be shocked to know that there are still thousands of students who do not have any idea about these tools and are sleeping on the potential that they can unlock with them. If you too are one of those or you tried the tools but didn’t find the outcomes interesting, Global Assignment Help Australia is the best option for you. We have all 5, from plagiarism checker to reference generator in the tools section, that you can use and make the most out of available resources. The best part of using our tools is that these tools are free for use by every student irrespective of their class, course, or subject. Also, as you are familiar, we are the best academic writing service providers in Australia. If you realize that your problem is much more significant to be handled with the tools, you can ask an expert to assist you then and there!

So what’s stopping you now? Cutting-edge tools are here! Start using them and score well in your next submission. Good luck!

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