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Perfect Peel Paragraph Structure for Making Your Essay Impressive!

03 Feb 2021 1614 13 minutes
Perfect Peel Paragraph Structure

Students writing the essay require a lot of research and brief knowledge of paragraph formation. Writing a document can be easy, but starting it, can be tough as everyone wants that their content should be read from the top to the bottom, and no one will leave it in the middle. For that, you are required to write a compelling and catchy content that can attract the readers and make them read more and more.  

To solve this difficulty of the students, the best solution is the PEEL paragraph structure. It is a short and easy way to start and write a better essay by following the definite structure. Many students got confused between PEEL and TEEL as both are acronyms that are used to maintain good writing in academic tasks. 

Are you curious about what is a peel paragraph? Let's start this blog by knowing about it. 

What Should You Know About the PEEL Paragraph?

To make the structure rememberable of the paragraphs in the essay, someone created the acronym PEEL. It stands for- Point, Evidence, Explain and Link. This is a writing style that will help to start your essay easily. 

Let’s take a deep dive inside the PEEL writing so that you can know more about the structure creation and how to write a peel paragraph in your essay?

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Explanation of the PEEL Paragraph Writing

Now let’s head to get a brief knowledge of PEEL paragraph structure, starting with its full form and its role in essay writing.

The PEEL Stands For:

P - Point: Start with choosing a simple and clear topic point.

E - Evidence: Use an example as evidence that can support your views for the selected topic.

E - Explain: Demonstrate the ways by which your evidence helps your point.

L - Link: Link your point of view with your essay topic.

P for Point

The point is actually the topic or idea on which you are going to write your essay. To start the paragraph, you should start with introducing your topic to the audience. Give a brief about the point you are going to talk about in your document.

It has to be intriguing yet not too detailed, giving away all the information. It has to make the reader want to keep on reading to find out what happens next.

E for Evidence

As you have explained your essay writing point, now you have the complete attention of the readers. So, don’t let them go now; keep their interest in your paper. If you are smart in influencing, then this can be as easy as walking in the park. 

You should make your point more weight-able by providing some background researches from different resources like - other’s papers, magazines, blogs, libraries, coursebooks, etc. Use examples and references to put your point of view with backup support. Evidence helps your point to make sense so that everyone else can also understand what’s your point. 

E for Explain

Explain that what are you talking about to your audience, and elaborate your motivation behind the points you are writing in the essay. Convey your message with full impact to take the readers with yourself. Make the audience know your perspective towards the essay and your topic. Use imaginative language that can make your readers picture your thoughts as they read more. 

In this part, get into your audience’s mind and make them think the same as you do. 

L for Link

You can say that linking is the most important part of the PEEL paragraph structure. The linking between the sentences and paragraph stick you to the topic and keeps the audience on your side. If the essay doesn’t have a link, the readers can lose their focus and interest in your selected topic of the essay. Make sure that your essay has connections in between to make a perfect flow and stick everyone to the point. 

Many students may wonder when PEEL and TEEL are for writing formation; then how they are both different? What's the difference between both of the writings?

Let's clear this doubt first, and then we will talk about how to write a peel paragraph and tips, etc. 

Are the PEEL & TEEL Paragraph Different?

The PEEL structure is an easy writing style that helps the writers to maintain the perfect amount of the information in the perfect place. TEEL writing is little bit more complex. 












I strongly believe...

I strongly believe...

For Example...

This shows....

From this we can conclude...

Another point to consider is...

Another point to consider is...

This is illustrated by...

This means.....

It is clear that...

First of all...

First of all...

This can be seen...


In conclusion...

It is quite obvious that....

It is quite obvious that....

Data shows....

Because of this...

We can therefore see....

So, now you may be clear that both the TEEL and PEEL writing are same. They both are just preferred by different courses or studies of various universities. Now lets us start evaluate that how to draft a perfect paragraph using the PEEL structure. 

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How to Create a Perfect PEEL Paragraph Structure?

Here are the simple steps that can help you to maintain a perfect PEEL structure in your writing. 

Start with Some Planning!

Many writers ignore the planning that is the very first thing. But, you need to remember that this is considered the first step and crucial for writing. This exercise can save you a little amount of time before you write down your thoughts on paper. You can plan your essay in order to make it easily understandable and accessible for the readers. Write all your brainstorming ideas on a paper and think about some examples to support your points simultaneously. 

Introductory Paragraph Is the Basic!

You should avoid the use of personal pronouns in the essay. Write down the points that can introduce your readers to your selected topic and the idea behind it. 

Push the Bar with Best Example

To increase the value of your point of view towards the topic, you should use some support to convey your point. Search for some different and supportive examples, which you can include in your writing. But, only select the most persuasive and compelling ones to convince your audience. 

You should present examples that are reachable and carry important information. Demonstrate your example with importance and conveying meaning. This will help in reflecting your critical thinking process. 

Insert the Linking Statement!

You can frame your arguments in the paragraph wider as this is an important step, which helps to summarize the argument. 

Proofreading Is Must!

As soon as you complete writing your essay, the next step is proofreading. The editing and proofreading is an important task as it helps to find out the mistakes in the paper. With proofreading, you can check your spelling errors, grammatical errors, structures, and readability of the essay. 

To perform perfect proofreading for your document, you should take two days break after writing it, and then you should read it aloud and reread it numerous times. This will help to remove every minor mistake in the writing.

If you are confused about ‘what is the requirement of PEEL in an essay, or we can create one without using it,’ then you should compulsorily read the next paragraph as it will refer the importance of the PEEL writing in an essay.

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Why Should You Use the PEEL Paragraph?

If you want to add some creativity and innovation, then PEEL writing is the best way. By using this technique, you can easily engage the readers with your essay in a joyable mood. Good introduction lines and starting paragraphs can hold your audience and make reading worthy for them. Quality is a must point; so, maintain good quality in your writing and make your first impression appealing by using the PEEL paragraph structure. Make a flow in your essay writing from issues to the solution to achieve your essay goal. 

So, you can use the PEEL paragraph structure in your essay:

  • To use the evidence in a correct manner.
  • So that you can maintain the focus on the selected topic.
  • To maintain the usage of the existing information 

Hence, using the PEEL paragraph structure will not only provide you ease in writing , but also help you to engage the audience with your writing. If you are still confused or not good at writing or facing some other situations, then you can seek the best essay writing service. The experts follow PEEL writing and maintain a high-quality content in your document. 

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