Why should you think twice before taking up a summer job?

24 May, 2017 5257 views
summer job

Summer holidays are back again and you might be getting a lot of advices from friends and family about how to spend this break.

Getting enrolled in a job for a few months during summers seems to be an awful option for most students, but its not that bad as holidays seem enjoyable only for a few days and after that it gets boring to stay home and do nothing productive.

In today’s time when you have a plethora of opportunities to choose from, you can select one and make your summer useful.

The pros of taking a summer job are:

Money- It’s an excellent opportunity to make your own money and spend it how you like, whether it be on clothes, a new pair of shoes, or maybe to repay the loan of your college.

Making new friends- A new summer job brings you in the company of new people. So you get to make new friends during this time.

Work Experience- In having a summer job, you get to learn new things and gain job experience that might help you in the future. You have opportunities to unlock new doors and acquire knowledge about things you may have never known before.

Life Lessons- Summer jobs impart life skills that will assist you throughout your life. You also get to learn how to deal with particular issues or problems, time management and money management skills.

But there are some downsides as well:

No Free Time- A job does not leave you with any free time to spend with friends and family. After coming back from work, you will find the best treat is to have supper and slump down in bed.

A Few Options- Since you are in college, you are available only for 2 to 3 months or even less. This makes you unsuitable to get hired by good companies and the only options left could be not of your choice.

Physical Activity- No matter what you opt for, you will have to indulge in some form of physical activity which is highly undesirable when you are on a break from college.

Less Pay- Since you don’t have much knowledge of the field, employers might take advantage of you. Young people often are made to work for stretched hours and are exploited, since companies know they will not protest. You might even get paid less for the same type of work as compared with your co-workers.

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