Achieve Results by Business Activities Management

Managing Business Activities

Managing business activities is the most important factors for the organisation for getting success in the market. It is helpful in improving the performance and managing all activities so that employees will produce best result and company will get success. In an organisation ,there are many no. of activities that need to be managed for getting efficiency and effectiveness in the working of the organisation (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). There are many activities like strategic function or operational function for improving the quality of the organisation. This project report is based on ABC company which is a recruitment company that are facing some issues in an organisation like inadequate leadership ,ineffective management etc. This report explains the relationship between different process or different function of the organisation and methods that will evaluate that process of organisation is going on right pathway or not so that company will get it's objectives along this it explains the system that will help in managing or monitoring the quality standards in the organisation.

Interrelationship between different process or function of the organisation

In ABC company ,there are many department like marketing ,financial ,production etc. that helps the organisation to accomplish the goals or objectives. For achieving this ,there are many different different process or function that helps the organisation. Organisation process involves many tasks or works that helps the company in achieving the objectives. In organisation function there are group of person that have same skills and expertise that helps the company in achieving the results and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation (Zairi, 2012). So here it is required that there should be proper coordination between the all department that will help in increasing the good relationship among various department. In an organisation there are interlink among various department function or process like-

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Marketing department analyse the market in which it identifies that what is the demand of the products ,customers behaviour and it promotes the goods and services .And production department will produce the goods and services according to report of the marketing department and at last financial department will give the amount for all the activities that will carried out by the marketing or production department.

So in an organisation ,all department are interlinked with each other.

Methodology that is used for mapping the organisation 's goals

Mapping of the organisation 's goals is very important because it ensures that process or working of the ABC company is going on the right pathway or not (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014) . It is helpful in understanding the whole process of of ABC company which is a recruitment company. In other terms ,it can be say that it is tools and techniques that is used for understanding the process of the company. It convert the process or workflow of the company in to visual diagram. DMAIC is a method that is used for mapping the goals and objectives. This method is used by ABC company in mapping the process or goals and objectives which are as follows-

  • Define phase – In this phase Objective is defined with their process to all members of the company. ABC company have objective to increase customer satisfaction and remove all deficiencies from the organisation. At this stage ,manager will define the process of mapping like flow chart or control chart etc.
  • Measuring phase- At this phase data is collected for evaluating that performance is done that will help in meeting the objectives.
  • Analysing phase - In this data is evaluated that is collected during the measuring stage and evaluates how process will help the organisation in meeting the objectives.
  • Improve phase - In this it finds the best solution and maps the process or evaluate the improvements.
  • Control phase – In this ABC company controls or maintains the process (Wheelen and Hunger, 2011).

Evaluate output of process and quality gateways

There are many steps that ABC company can use for evaluating the output of process that will help in achieving effective and efficient management. Quality gateways helps in providing the information that is required to the ABC Company and it provides the information in a easy way. In this information is related to the changes and developments in their sectors. It tells to the company about any wrong things which has occurred at the initial phase.

Output of process is the last result of any activities. Before delivering any services or goods to the consumers ,company should check the output of process for giving the best services or customer satisfaction (Dumas and, 2013). Evaluating the output process is very important factors that helps in improving the performance of the company and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation or the management. If ABC company will not check the output then employees will work in their manner what they want to do and will not produce the desired result. It also helpful in achieving the desired result.

Designs plan which promote goals for own area of responsibility

ABC company has objective to increase the customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation. In an organisation area of responsibility can be anything like market research ,customer orientation ,customer satisfaction etc (Kirchmer, 2012). There are many types of tools and techniques that ABC Company can use for promoting the goals and objective of the company which are as follows-

  • Company can do brainstorming of the employees for improving the performance that will also helpful in promoting the goals and objectives.
  • Company can fill the forms from the employees.
  • It can do value chain analysis that will help in identifying the primary and supporting activities.
  • It can also promote the goals and objectives through quality control.
  • It can also promote through critical path method and Programme Evaluation Review Techniques. In CPM method ,company analyse the activities required and time required for completing that activities (Monczka and, 2015).

And in PERT method, it is used to coordinating the various activities of the project for achieving the desires result.

Write SMART objective for aligning the people and other resources

Objective means the desires that company want to achieve in future in an efficient and effective manner. Every company should have the SMART objectives means objective should be specific ,measurable ,achievable ,realistic and time based. ABC company have no SMART objective that's why company 's management is not good and not able to get the success in the market (Chang, 2016).

S – It's stand for specific which means company 's objective should be specific and should be known by members of the organisation.

M – It's stands for measurable which means objective should be measures in terms like ABC company want to achieve 90% market.

A – It's stands for achievable that means achieving the objective should be possible for the company.

R – It's stands for realistic that means objective should be real .There should be no assumption in the objectives.

T- It stands for time based which means objective should be achieved within a specific time period.

So ABC company should have the SMART objective that can be achieved easily. It helps in aligning the manpower or other resources in efficient and effective manner and achieving the competitive advantages over the competitors.

Implementation of system for achieving the objectives efficiently

For achieving the objective in efficient manner and with in budget ,ABC company should implement the system that helps in achieving the desired result. Company can use the following system for achieving the desired result which are as follows -

Value added chain system - with this system , ABC company can create value for the customers and is helpful in purchasing the good quality of raw material and supply of goods and services. It helps in identifying the primary or supporting activities. Primary activities includes administration ,human resource management ,sales etc (Burgstahler and Eames, 2006). while supporting activities includes inbound or outbound logistics ,sales and services etc.

Total quality management – With the help of this ,ABC company will be able to take contribution of the employees or stakeholders in meeting the desired result in an efficient manner and with the set budget.

Quality circle- In this , there are consist many no. of people or employees who are ready for contributing in meeting the desired result voluntarily. It helps in evaluating and controlling the process of the company.

Carry out work activities for meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and control

Monitoring means that manager of ABC company should check the process of the company and evaluates that process is performing according to the standards or not. This process will help the company in achieving the desired result or not (Michael Geringer, Beamish and DaCosta, 1989).while in controlling Manager of the company controls the activities of the process and if process are not according to the standards then manager takes effective action for achieving the desired result. There are many types of work activities that is helpful in achieving the desired results which are as follows-

  • Gantt chart – It is like a bar chart that shows the start and finish time of activities of the project in graphical representation. It is very useful in planning the project and it defines the sequence of activities that is carried out in the project.
  • Score cards -when activities are going on of the project then manger of the organisation should made the score cards of the performance of the employees and if any employees are not working according to the standards then should take corrective action for achieving the desired result.

System for managing or monitor the quality standards

To maintain the quality standards in the goods and services or in the work performance is most important factors for achieving the success in the market. There are many resources and system or tools that can manage or monitor the quality standards of the goods or services. For improving the management system or other things ,ABC company should adopt the following any one system or tools which are as follows

  • Just- In -Time - with the help of this ,company can maintain and monitor the quality standards in the goods and services. It is an inventory strategy that increases the efficiency of the employees (Spekman, Kamauff Jr and Myhr, 1998). Through this ,company will receive the goods only when there are needed for production process. It reduces the inventory cost.
  • Quality control- It is very important for a company .for this there should be computer system at every stage that will check the quality control.
  • Six sigma – It is tool or technique that is used for improving he quality standards or process. It mainly focused on the customer's requirements , customer retention, and improving the standards of goods or services or the process (Lumpkin and Dess, 1996). It is a statistical methods for improving the standards and removing the defects.

Quality cultures for ensuring continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of process

Quality improvement is very important and it is a continuous process in ABC company. In total quality management system ,it is the responsibility of all the members in the organisation to work together and coordinate with each other so that it can achieve the desired result and can improve the quality standards (Tan, 2001). Total Quality Management will be difficult if there is no proper cultures like languages ,communication etc. So in an organisation there should be main focus on the cultures that will improve the quality standards that is monitor or development process. ABC company may take many steps for ensuring that there is proper monitoring ,evaluating or developing the quality standards.

Monitoring – ABC company should monitor the quality standards time to time .For this company should do the following things -

  • It should provide the training to the employees.
  • Communication ,behaviour etc. should be monitored.
  • There should no biasness.

Evaluating – Company should evaluate the quality of the goods and services. Company should hire that person that will be able to reduce the cost and inspection helps the company in reducing the unnecessary cost of the company.

Development – In TQM, there are a principles that saves the main authority. The principle is that no process or quality can be improves continuously until and unless there is interdependence ,interpersonal relationship among employees (Kaplan and Norton, 1998).

Improvements which align with organisation 's goals which result is improvements

There are many system that helps the company in improving the process. ABC company can use Six sigma theory for improving the process or quality of the goods and services.

  • Six sigma is tool or techniques that is used for improving the quality standards or process. This will help the company in achieving the desired result. This will bring ABC company business process towards null defect means if company is using this then it will help in aligning the resources with organisation objectives. ABC company have objective is to improve the business 'process that are facing by the ABC company so that company will become more productive ,efficient so as to achieve the customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the company (Lorenzoni and Baden-Fuller, 1995).
  • For improving the process ,ABC company should improve their manufacturing process and cut down it's unnecessary cost and should provide the training to the employees so that they can work in effective and efficient manner.
  • Company should focus on the marketing of it's products or services. Company can do marketing in domestic or international marketing and give offer to the customers for attracting it and increases the customer satisfaction.

Report on implication of proposed changes

Today time is changing time and every company have to adopt this for getting success in the market .ABC company is using six sigma theory for the improvements in the management .this theory is very beneficial for ABC company because it helps the company in improving the recruitment process and protects from hiring the unskilled or inexperience people that helps in increasing the profit or sale and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees that will help in meeting the operational requirements (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). The six sigma theory gives many benefits to ABC company which are as follows -

  • It protects it to hire the unskilled and inexperience people that helps in increasing efficiency of the organisation.
  • It helps in generating revenues and efficiency.
  • It reduces the customer complaints.
  • It helps in reducing the wastages and provides clear vision or objectives to allmembers of the company.

Assessment of risk as per legislation ,regulation or requirement of the organisation

Every company have to follow legal laws ,regulation etc. related to the employment .In an organisation there are many types of risk involved that affect the human life .Anything can be happened at the work place like accidents ,fire ,exposure and any hazardous issues that affects the individual. So for preventing ,company should provide the training to the employees so that they can save themselves from this danger and can give response to it (Zairi, 2012).

So manager should tell to the employees that how to perform work and provide all necessary things that are required while doing work like helmets ,gloves ,ear covering ,belt etc.

There are many laws that protects the employees from any hazardous situation which are as follows -

Health And Safety Act 1974- Assessment of risk is very important for the employees as well as for the organisation. Company can protect itself by this act that are provided by the government. This act protects those person who are working in the organisation or visitors etc. According to this act Company have to show some symbol or have to write text in the organisation like in the case of fire don't use lift and follow the green signals or emergency doors etc.

Health and Safety legislation that is applicable in the organisational

According to Health And Safety Act 1974 every company have to provide the safety to all employees ,visitors ,stakeholders etc.

The employer should provide guarantee to the employees 'safety and provide all necessary equipment to the employees like helmet ,gloves etc. and provide all necessary information about the use of plant etc. And write down all instruction in emergency situation (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Employees should read the instruction carefully that how to use the plant and equipments etc.

Systematic review of organisation safety policies to ensure that they are effective

For systematic review of organisation safety policies of ABC company ,it should have a statement that contains name of the company ,address of the company and contain what should be provided by the company in case of emergency situation. The company can give the insurance policies to the employees that ensures the employees about their health and safety (Wheelen and Hunger, 2011). They will ensure that if any emergency will occur then they will get insurance amount .This policy will be effective in production department and should provide the training to them.

Practical application of health and safety policies at work place

  • Being a manager ,he should follow the following things -
  • Before giving the joining to employees ,their medical check-up should be done.
  • Should identify the risk and find out the way for eliminating it.
  • Putting the equipments that will help in protecting the employees from risk.
  • Establish the training programme on risk assessment and identify that who are in risk and take corrective action (Dumas and, 2013).


ABC company will be better or improve if it will go through interrelationship process .Above project has concluded that if it will follow the good quality control system like Six sigma theory ,Gantt chart then it will get efficiency and effectiveness in the business process or can maintain the quality standards. Along this if ABC company will follow the health and safety rules then it will make the good working environment and improve the policies related to the health and safety.


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