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Digital Marketing

  • Impact of Digital Technology on Business Activity Level 6 BTech
    Downloads: 1173 Pages: 1 Words: 0

    Introduction The advance of information technology and the digitisation of the information have revolutionised many sectors of work. ASDA is not any different from this trend. The use of digital information using the internet has vastly contributed to the development of any business. The...

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  • Unit 3 E-MARKETING Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diplma Business Regent College Higher Education
    Downloads: 1377 Pages: 1 Words: 0

    Introduction Marketing is essential part of business, that supports firms in expanding firm and attracting more consumers towards the brand. Technological advancement has helped the entities in market their products and services through electronic medium. Facebook, Twitter etc. are various...

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  • LSBM306 E-marketing Level 6
    Downloads: 1411 Pages: 1 Words: 0

    Introduction E-marketing is defined as an activity of utilising the web-based channels for promoting goods or services, communicating business objectives to customers and generating brand awareness in the market. Methods used in E-marketing are search engine, social media optimisation, displayed...

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  • T5080495 Research Proposal
    Downloads: 1615 Pages: 1 Words: 0

    Chapter 1: Introduction Title The impact of digital marketing tactics in enhancing customer attraction and retention towards organisation; A study on Morrisons. 1.1 Project Introduction Digital technologies greatly influences the business operations of today's organisation. These technologies...

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  • Digital Marketing Plan For Google Merchandise Store
    Downloads: 10965 Pages: 1 Words: 0

    Introduction Digital Marketing refers to all those marketing efforts that effectively use various digital channels to attract, retain and connect with organisations' current and potential customers. In such internet-driven business environment, it is essential that companies develop effective...

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  • Investigate The Extent To Which People Make Use Of Mobile Security Measures
    Downloads: 5406 Pages: 1 Words: 0

    Introduction Of investigate the extent to which people make use of mobile security measures  The social networking site is a digital platform that is most commonly used for the purpose of sharing messages and making relations with different people. The relations are made on the basis of...

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