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Significant Life Event

Introduction to Significant Life Event

In an individual life ,there are occurred many events that may have positive impact or negative impact on the individual 's life. Life events may have many types like pregnancy ,marriage ,accidents etc. This event is positive for a one person and same event may be negative for another person at the same time .This project is based on direct health that deals in pregnancy and menopause related problems and provides home care services . This project will explain the impact of pregnancy and menopause on the service user and response of the family members after knowing these problems.


Impact of pregnancy and menopause on a service user

Menopause is an event that occurs in every women life in the age of 40 to 50 . In this event , women loose their monthly periods permanently and stops to become pregnant. It affects the women's life negatively because after occurring it ,women can't get pregnancy and other negative health issues which are as follows


It is like a condition that affects the bones of women which means it weak the bones of women and decrease bones strength and increases the risk of breaking the bones. This can occur in shoulder ,wrist or hip etc.

Skin problems

If any women have menopause problems then they have many problems like itching ,dry skin ,oily skin ,tingling or pricking sensation etc.

Lower sex drive

If any women have menopause problem then they don't want to do sex.

Heart disease

If any women are facing these problems then their oestrogen level falls that increase the heart disease. In this case mostly women are dying by breast cancer ,heart attacks and it increases the Diabetes ,cholesterol ,high blood pressure etc. It is also known Coronary artery disease.

Vaginal dryness

In this case , women's vagina dry and occurs itching problems in it. It makes the sex uncomfortable and painful. Most of the women is facing these problems.

It is not necessary that it affects the women negatively ,it can also affects positively. Mostly myths fosters misunderstanding that say that it only affects negatively.

Impact of pregnancy on service user

Pregnancy affects the women's life in many possible ways. It can be positive effect or negative effects which are as follows-


A child affects the body of women like she is going to gain weight , her breast can be swelled ,her lungs may be crapped and so on. For some women it is a positive affects and for another it is negative impact on body.


Getting pregnancy is wonderful for most of the women but it affects the mood of them like some women has good mood and some irritates on the small topic and so on. It is just happened because of the hormonal changes that affects the mood of women.

Acne and mild skin problems

In this time ,most women get glow on skin and some women get dullness or acne or pimples on the face .

Diseases or other problem

If any women is getting pregnancy the it may be possible that they have hair loss ,breast problems ,swelling in joints ,bleeding gums, higher blood pressure etc.

Mood swings and brain changes

At this time, women 's mood changes at every minute like sometime they are happy and other time they are getting irritation. At this time every women are very much excited for their baby and have low level of patient.


Baby is more expensive from the day when they are conceived. People have to spend their money when they are in womb like regular check up , medicine doctor fees ,deliver etc.


It also affects socially because parents have to know about responsibilities towards the baby and there are new friends to be made.


If any lady is doing job or running business and if she is expecting then It stops the career of that lady because lady have to give all focus on the pregnancy.

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Possible response of their family and friends about pregnancy and menopause

If any women is getting pregnancy then family and friends gives the following response which are as follows

  1. If teenager girl is getting pregnancy for the first time then her mother will take care of and will monitor the daughter health time to time and give advise to her what to eat or not.
  2. If that pregnancy is expected by all family member or friends then they will be happy after listening this news and say congratulation to them.
  3. It's news might be result that her mother will communicate with daughter about sex and contraception with other children. This news compels the mother to tell everything to her daughter.
  4. At this news ,mostly people get happy and remove all stress in the life of pregnant lady.
  5. This news affects the family member emotionally such as they will afraid of related to the pregnancy or will be happy.
  6. If this baby is not expected by anyone then no one will be happy.

Response of family related to menopause

In this situation, family members can give positive or negative response to the lady. Responses of family members are as follows

  1. After knowing this news ,family member may support or help her for facing this problem and give advice that what should be done or what not to done.
  2. Family can do rudely or bad behave with her and may want to get rid of her from the house.
  3. Husband may not support or want to take divorce from her and may do wrong behaviour like mentally or physically torture to her.
  4. It will increase the stress all over the family and friends.
  5. It will affects the brain of family and friends or herself also and demotivate to everyone for doing right things.
  6. If menopause is occurred at early stage of life then it breaks the expectation of the family that result will be change in behaviour of everyone.
  7. In this situation ,husband may support to her and remain faithful towards her.


Impact of pregnancy or menopause on care workers or professionals

These events also affects the care workers or professional who are dealing with these problems. These can be affected in the following way which are as follows

Impact of menopause

  • It creates the stress for care worker if this situation is very critical for them.
  • If this situation is not be handled by the care workers then it decreases the value of brand name in the market.
  • If critical situation is easily managed by care workers then it effects the professionals positively.
  • It increases the revenue or customers if they are good professionals.
  • They do treatment of their problems and give advise to them what should be done in this situation or what should not be.
  • They suggest the precaution that should be taken by every women who are facing this problems.
  • They take care of them properly and find outs the reason or causes of that problem.
  • It emotionally impact the care workers and ruins the relationship with patient if condition is not managed.

Impact of pregnancy on care workers

  • It increases the work pressure of the care workers if situation is critical.
  • It increases the experiences of the care workers and reduce the emissions or errors.
  • If they are dealing in good way then it increases the relationship with patients and their family member that result will be increasing revenue or market share.
  • All patients believes that doctor will do right everything. It's result is that it increases the responsibility of professionals or care workers.
  • Care workers have to take care of pregnant lady strictly and have to provide all precaution that should have to take by all pregnant lady.
  • Care workers or professionals have to check up the pregnant ladies timely according to the requirements.
  • It have to provide information related to the pregnancy and gives medicine to them that is required.


Support available from family and groups and possible response of Direct health Ltd to the Alzheimer's patient

Alzheimer’s disease is those disease in which person lost his memory and other important mental function. It changes the life of people who have these problems or those who are close to them. In this early stage ,person can do anything independently and in the middle stage of this ,person need take care of and it has the longest time. In this ,person get frustration ,anger etc. or in the last stage of this ,person don't give the respond to the environment or other person. In this situation ,person receives the support from their family ,group ,community ,professionals etc.

For this disease , there is no cure available but there are many things that are available which helps the person in living in the better condition. This involves drug or non drug support or activities. Support from the families and groups are as follows

  • Family should help that person in remembering the things that he /she forgot.
  • It should create a healthy and good environment in the home so that that person feel good.
  • It should consult with the professional or expert who can easily deal with this problems.
  • Family member should do those activities in which patient is feeling good or happy.
  • These patient should do mind exercise by reading books or puzzles and any other activities in which patient put their mind. For this family members should do those activities.
  • Family members should share their life experience that will help the patient in remembering the old things.
  • In this family members should give proper time to him and communicate properly with him.

Support available from Direct Health Ltd

These organisation helps the patient in living in well condition. They can support the patient in the following manners which are as follows

  • Professional should provide guidance to the family members that what should be done or what not to be for dealing these problems.
  • Professional should do those activity that helps the patient in remembering the old memory or other things.
  • Professional should organise those activity by which patient use their mind and play other games that will help the patient for living in well condition.
  • According to the situation ,therapist should deal with the problem like if patient are aggressive or frustrated then he should use non drug approach. In this approach , expert interacts with the patient and patient interacts with other people of the society and he listens the music , and other activities that are meaningful for the patient.


Strength and weakness of the policies and procedure of Direct Health Ltd.

Every organisation have policies and procedure for dealing the customers and for achieving the desired outcome. These policies are set according to the requirements of the customers and situation of the market. It is done for meeting the expectation of the customers. Every policies and procedure have some strengths and weaknesses that should be identified the business for accomplishing the result.

Following are the strength and weaknesses of the policies and procedure of Direct Health Ltd which are as follows


There are no. of strength in the policy which are as follows

  • It provides the services according to the requirements of the customers.
  • It charges prices of services according to the market condition.
  • It focus on the social benefit rather than it's benefits.
  • While taking any decision ,it involves the employees so that they can motivate and provide good services to the customers.
  • It sets the standards that how to deal with the customers and accordingly it treats with the customers.
  • It gives the services with honesty to the customers. It is the main policy of Direct Health Ltd.
  • It's other policy strength is to provide best services to every patient individually.
  • It's policy is helpful in achieving the competitive advantages.
  • It's strength is to provide services with dignity and with confidentiality.


It's policy have also some weaknesses which are as follows

  • It's policy is also like other competitors . There is no differentiation in the policy that will help in attracting the customers.
  • It's policy is less flexible means it can not easily adopt the changes that are introducing in the market.
  • There is no proper coordination between the different departments or employees.
  • It's policy is not able to solve the management issue that are incurred in the organisation.
  • It's policies is not able to maintain good relationship with the customers or partners or other person who are related to the organisation.


External sources that supports the Dementia

Dementia is that disease in which person lost his memory and behave aggressively ,and got frustration. There are many external sources that helps or supports the Dementia for improving or removing this disease which are as follows

Society Association

In the society, some group of people form a association which aim to remove this disease from the person and it helps the patient by doing any activity or interacting with them. It is a membership organisation that are working for improving the life of the person who are facing dementia problem. These organisation takes the donation from the society for doing activity that help in removing this problems.

Friends and groups

Friends and groups also helpful in dealing with Dementia. They interacts with that person and helps in remembering the old memory. It contributes more in remembering the old memory.


Professional are also the most important person that helps the patients in facing these problem. He counsels the patients and guides him that what to do or what not to do for improving the life of patients. It does many activities like shares life experiences ,play games in which patients use their mind and does those activities in which patient is more happy and enjoying.


Government also plays an important role in this. Government organises many events or programmes that helps the person who are facing these problem. It creates that environment in event that patient can enjoy it and forget their problems.

Better lighting

In the darkness ,these patients feels disoriented and gets confusion or stress. So for reducing these disease , In the home there should be proper lightning so that it helps in reducing the risk of falls and confusion. In home ,there should be used more natural light so that they will feel stress free or motivated. Lightning should be on the stairs and bathroom so that there is no possibility of any risk of falling.

Reducing excess noise

For reducing the Dementia ,there should no any background noise because at this time people are more aggressive and frustrated so family member should provide peace in their room

Safe flooring

In the home ,there should keep the carpets with same colours so that patient will not confuse . There should not wet, shiny or reflective floor for reducing the risk of falling. All these things help in reducing the Dementia problems.


In every things ,there should be used labels so that they can identify the things. Like put the labels on bathroom doors and drawer so that patient can easily know that what inside in it.


It also helps in reducing the Dementia. It includes trees and other things like greenery etc.


Pregnancy is a wonderful event for every women and all women want to be a mother in her life and on the other hand menopause is a critical situation for every women because it stops the monthly periods and pregnancy. Both events may affects the women 's life positively or negatively . If one event is positive for a person then same event may be negative for other person. It depend only the situation. From the above study , it concluded that pregnancy or menopause both affects the women life such as it affects the women mentally ,physically ,socially and so on. As well it also affects the care workers or professionals in terms od responsibility ,financially ,goodwill etc.


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