Type: Health Pages: 1
  • Course Code: CAW892
  • Course Title: CAW892 Psychopathology Credits 3
  • University: University Of Sydney
  • Country: Australia

Task No. and Title

1. Produce an essay that evaluates the causes of different mental health disorders.

2. You must also include a video of you discussing your findings for at least one of your chosen mental health disorders.

Guidance Notes:

As a guide,the word count for this essay should be 1000 words.

  • Choose three disorders from the following list:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Research the causes for these disorders from a range of sources.

Evaluate the explanations for the causes of the disorder:

  • What arguments have been given for the causes of each disorder?
  • Critically analyse these arguments
  • Summarise the outcome

Stay objective, do not use personal opinion to answer this question.

You will need to research different sources to find out different explanations for the causes of each disorder.

  • Use journals, books and magazine articles as a start point.


  • To achieve a Pass grade the submission must meet all the Assessment Criteria below.
  • If all the Assessment Criteria are met, your submission will be assessed for higher grades against the identified Grade Descriptor components. 
  • If all the Assessment Criteria are not met then you will be offered a Resubmission within a short deadline set by your tutor.
  • If your second submission, within the designated short period meets the Assessment Criteria it becomes eligible for assessment for the higher grades.

Psychopathology is consider as a scientific study or understanding of the different mental health related disorder that may be caused through genetic, biological or social causes (Lemerise, 2016). Along with this, psychotherapists focuses on studying the different disorder related with mental illness that is Schizophrenia, anxiety, depression as well as obsessive compulsive disorders.

Causes of different mental health disorder


One of the common mental disorder among the individual is anxiety that mainly impact the ability of individual to concentrate and performing the day to day activities. It has been assessed that the key cause related with anxiety disorder is improper mental and physical condition of the individual. With the improper mental and health condition among the individual it may results in negatively impacting their behaviour that increases level of anxiety. On the other hand, Budge, Adelson and Howard, (2013) has also argued that with in-taking the high dose of drugs and alcohol it results in causing anxiety as it in-stable the mindset of the individual (Budge, Adelson and Howard, 2013).


Depression is regarded as the feeling related with distracting or lower the mood of individual that directly impact their actions and behaviour towards the other. The individual faces the depression due to different condition and situation related with change in the life, bereavement etc. it has been assessed that in the depression individual feel sad as well as loneliness that impact their behaviour.


Another example of mental disorder within the individual is Schizophrenia that mainly arises during early adulthood period. Along with this diseases also characteristics by the different cognitive difficulties among the individual in terms of delusions as well as hallucinations. It has been also assessed that Schizophrenia often struggle for the long time period that need to be treated properly for overcoming the difficulties.

Along with this another cause of the disease or mental illness include engaging in the drug activities that causes Schizophrenia relapses that negatively impact the health and well-being of individual (Rudolph and Möhler, 2014).

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