Type: Human Resource Management Pages: 1
  • Course Code: EVRE5017
  • Course Title: EVRE5017 HR Diploma Task Assignment
  • University: University Of Melbourne
  • Country: Australia

Task : Research Workforce Requirement

Task Overview

To complete this task you will need to develop a report that demonstrates how you reviewed the current employment needs of an organisation. Additionally, you will create an implementation plan that clearly outlines the organisation's objectives related to workforce planning, along with the strategies required to achieve these objectives.

  • To successfully complete this task, make sure you:
  • carefully read these instructions
  • refer to your learning materials
  • research on the internet
  • draw on your own work experience
  • discuss relevant issues with others.

Part 1: Workforce improvement review

First, you need to review the organisation to identify areas that require improvement. Summarise your findings in approximately 500 words.

  • You must address the following points in your report:
  • Gather information on current staff turnover and demographics.
  • Identify what data you reviewed to gather this information.
  • Based on the outcome of your review, identify factors that may affect workforce labour supply.
  • Identify the organisation's requirements for a skilled and diverse workforce.

Part 2: Implementation plan

Next, you need to develop the organisation's workforce implementation plan. An implementation plan outlines an organisatioes objectives, then identifies the strategies to be followed to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

Using the template provided below, create an implementation plan that outlines the organisation's objectives, along with appropriate strategies to ensure the organisation achieves the following:

  • Sourcing and retention of skilled labour.
  • Training of staff to ensure succession planning.
  • Meeting workforce diversity objectives and cross-cultural management.
  • Addressing unacceptable staff turnover.
  • Ensuring organisation is an 'employer of choice'

Research workforce



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