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  • Taxation Law
    • Course Code: LAW6001
    • Course Title: Taxation Law
    • University: Western Sydney University
    • Country: Australia

    Question 1 Explain the: Constitutional basis of the Australian taxation system, ie what section(s) of the Australian Constitution confer taxation powers? role of the Courts, the parliament and the ATO in developing taxation law in terms of the theory of the separation of powers in...ReadMore

    1 Pages 250 Words Referencing Styles :
  • Strengths of Feminism

    Lawler (2015) stated that feminism is a compilation of engagements and philosophy focused primarily in classifying, creating and safeguarding the equivalent cultural, political, financial, cultural and social rights of them. For your essay on sociology, shed some light on the strengths...ReadMore

    2 Pages 500 Words Referencing Styles : Chicago
  • How New Law Help in Enforcing Trust of beneficiaries

    Many courts have developed new laws that can help in enforcing trust for the benefit of beneficiaries. You have to write a law essay on law, equality, and trust and answer the following questions: What are the several rules that have been improved and developed by the judiciary for the certainty...ReadMore

    2 Pages 500 Words Referencing Styles : Harvard
  • Legal Ethics be Enforced on The Conduct of Barristers and Solicitors

    Prepare a 500-word law assignment on the following questions with your ideas, thoughts, and comments. 1.Should the legal ethics be enforced on the conduct of barristers and solicitors? 2.If ethics are merely reduced to specific rules, will they result in a regime of spiritless compliance? The...ReadMore

    1 Pages 250 Words Referencing Styles : Chicago
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