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5 Habits That Will Improve Your Life in the Future

02 Nov 2017 5502 4 minutes
future life

If you wish to learn about the traits that would improve the quality of your life in the future, then in this blog we have discussed some of the simple things that would eventually help you to achieve the same feat. Read this blog to learn and imbibe the best qualities in yourself.

1. Never start smoking

The number one behavior that eventually harms and negatively impacts your health is smoking. According to several researches, it has been found out that one of the major causes of lung cancer that has led to much higher incidences among the chain smokers versus nonsmokers is probably this particular habit. Moreover, it has also been seen that the life expectancy differences among these two categories were very specific. On an average, it has been noted that "smoking a pack a day reduces the lifespan by at least seven years”, which is quite astonishing.

2. Reduction in cholesterol

Under this category, the scientists have examined the presence of a gene that severely affects the blood cholesterol levels. People who have this particular gene, somewhat have reduced life spans than others who do not have them. Although it is imperative that you cannot help whether you have this particular gene or not, but you can control the cholesterol levels in your body. So, make sure that you take a well-balanced diet and exercise more often so that you are fit and can perform better.

3. Losing weight

Under this particular category, the researchers have studied the reports of the overweight people who have managed to lose weight over time, and the results have been quite surprising as well. For every kilogram that they have lost, their lifespan has been estimated to have increased by two months. So, if you have been talking forever about losing the extra kilos, then do so immediately, and you would be able to add a year and a half to your life by doing so.

4. Start being open-minded and do not shy away from new experiences

This is probably the least referred habit that the researchers have studied over the past few years, and this personality trait has eventually added longevity factor to the people's lives. One should keep an open perspective towards life and should keep up to the new experiences whenever they get an opportunity in hand for that.

5. Gaining more education

Here's one of the lifelong learnings that one needs for themselves. For each year that has been spent studying the past secondary school students, researches have shown that higher education has added 11 months to their lives. It is somewhat a debatable topic, but people who have more education are less likely to indulge in unhealthy behaviors such chain-smoking, binge drinking, etc.

Hope with these amazing tips you might have got an insight into how you can achieve a happier self by imbibing some of the most simple qualities in your personality.

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