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How to Complete 5000-Word Document in 1 Day?

12 Nov 2021 333 7 minutes
Write 5000 Words in 24 Hours

Looking forward to writing a 5000-word document in one day? Sounds great!
But have you planned well for the same? If not, then don’t worry; we can help!
The experts of Global Assignment Help Australia have shared a complete guide here! 

For every student who needs to or wants to draft and deliver a 5000-word document in one day, read this blog thoroughly and follow everything carefully. 

How to Structure a 5000-Word Document?

Let’s begin with how to structure a document in 5000-words or organize a document in different sections: 

  1. Introduction - The very first section of any document is the introduction which explains the aim of the whole document. This is where the motive of the document is presented, a brief of the document theme is given, and a catchy hook is included. This contributed to 15% of the whole document, which is around 750 words in this document. 
  2. Body - The body is the most crucial part of the document. It is here where the actual content related to the topic is written. This section alone can be divided into and structured into different sub-sections. This section explains the chosen topic in-depth, including examples, supporting evidence, facts, methods used, and the research outcome. Since this is the most crucial part, it contributes to 70% of the whole document, around 3500 words. 
  3. Conclusion -The last section of the document is the conclusion. This is the section where you can conclude the whole document in short and crisp lines. The ultimate goal of this section is to summarize the whole document and end it with a closing note. This also includes giving an overview of the document restating its aim, and then adding a call to action to leave an impression on the reader. This contributes to 15% of the whole document, which is around 750 words. 

These are the three main sections in a document that every student should know about. You can also divide your document into these three main sections for writing 5000 words in it. Now the question is, how to write 5000 words in one day, right? So, read the below section to know more. 

How to Write 5000 Words in One Day?

Here are a few steps you should practice for writing 5000 words in a single day: 

Understand the Topic Well

The first step of this process is to understand the topic well. Since you only have a day, you cannot spare time for misunderstanding the topic and reworking it. So, take out ample time to understand the topic in detail. You can dedicate around an hour to this task. 

Collect All Necessary Resources

The next step is to collect all the necessary resources. This is again an important step because by following this, you collect all necessary things and do not have to rush here and there in the middle of the task. Also, when you have everything at hand, you get confidence from inside that you can get this job done real quick. This step may need around two hours of your day. 

Outline the Document

The next step is to outline the document. This may sound waste of time, but again as we know, you have only a day in which you have already spent some hours in topic selection and collecting resources. But you need to maintain a flow while writing and not get stuck in between the tasks, wondering what to do next. So, to avoid such a situation, the document outline comes in handy. So, get this step done real quick, somewhere around an hour. 

Prepare Initial Draft

Now it's time to prepare the initial draft of the document. No, we didn't mean by preparing multiple drafts of the document, but this initial draft is where you can cross-check if you have followed all the guidelines, included all the information, and drafted a document that could impress your professor. This is a crucial step, and you might need four to six hours for this, which might be split into hour slabs with a break of ten to fifteen minutes in between. 

Edit and Proofread

Once you have an initial draft all ready, you have to take some time for editing and proofreading. Since you are done with the major writing task, take a break before you start proofreading. If you are not good at this, then try our grammar checker tool from the tools page and get your document checked for grammar errors in no time. This step after a proper break can take around an hour of your day if you are not using the tool, and if you opt for the tool, then around fifteen minutes. 

This is how you can plan and complete your 5000-word document in one day. But if you cannot get it done by any chance, we are here to help you! 

How to Seek Assistance in Academic Writing?

Global Assignment Help Australia has the best team of assignment experts to assist you throughout your academic writing process. All you need to do is, follow these simple steps: 

  • Go to Orders Section
  • Fill in the Details
  • Click on the Order Now Button 

These are the three simple steps you need to follow to get a flawless document from our experts. We are well aware that numerous students are struggling with their academics, and thus we are all ready and set to provide them with the best assistance. So reach out to us now and avail the best help at the most affordable prices!

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