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Impact of Health Policies in Health Care-NSH

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Health and social is an important sector that provide effective care services to people. Government is responsible for developing rules and regulations in this sector. Besides this. It is their role to ensure whether rules and regulations are properly implemented or not. If not then proper actions are taken. This report will show how information and risk assessment planning is done in health and social care. Also, it will describe how impact of health policies in health care. Besides this , how health and safety policies are monitored and reviewed in discussed in this report.


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2.1 Analyse how information from risk assessments informs care planning for individuals and organisational decision making about policies and procedures

Risk assessment is the information helps in needs services for patients. Risk assessment is important information for decision making. It is the information for communication and observation and collection of activities. If the risk is higher so that risk assessment on doing the regular basis, but risk is low so that risk assessment on doing weekly basis. Risk assessment is to done by the leaders of NHS (Donham and Thelin, 2016) It is the process of controlling and assessing the risk for safety and health in critical situations. Risk assessment means that minimize and examine the risk for employees, patients, public and customers. NHS is to be implemented and evaluating the risk factors which is affected for the employees and patients as well. They can ensure that no one gets hurt. NHS is to be must ensures that their activities and treatments are done minimize the risk. Risk assessment activities is must including in work activities in NHS. Laws and policies of health and safety care is to be maintained by NHS. The health and safety staffs is to be identified and assessed that risk for organization. It is the policies and procedures of risk and known as safety management. In these policies identified the hazardous components and carried out the risk assessments. Earlier the risk assessment firstly we have done identify the hazardous components such as environments, diseases and other elements. In decision making risk assessment is the main factor for organizational and individually.

2.2 Analyse the impact of one aspect of health and safety policy on health and social care practice and its customers.

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There are many impacts of health and safety which affected on employees and customers as well. Insufficient knowledge of health care services of the doctor and health care staff, medical treatment is not proper and communication is very low so that these impact is affected on practices of staff and their customers as well (Nadvi, K. and RajReichert, G., 2015) NHS is adopted all the rules and regulation regarding health and safety care services so that it is also helped in treatments of the patients. If the risk assessment process is successfully done by management so, it is also helped for NHS. All employees have to be equal participate in the work place this is the assist for an organization. Every employee is to be responsible for emergency situations. Senior employees is to proper leads to their juniors it is the best aspects and commitment of management and organisation. Any of emergency situation all the employees and management is to ready for faced the conditions. All the employees and management is to be done their roles and responsibilities for their work, it is help for treatments. There are identified and controlled on the hazardous components in the risk assessment process, is the main aspects and reduced the impacts of health and safety care services providing by NHS (Nel, Parak, and Weiss, 2015 ) The impacts of health and safety care services such as

  • Rule and regulation are not be followed.
  • Hazardous components are not identified.
  • Risk assessment process is not done.
  • Imbalance relationship between the employees and management in the NHS.

2.3 Discuss how dilemmas encountered in relation to implementing systems and policies for health, safety and security may be addressed

There are various dilemmas are encountered in the implementation of policies and systems related to health and safety services. For treatment of patients, technology is important for their treatments. Using of technology is dilemma of care services. Services quality is increased and decreased hazardous components is also dilemma of care services. Contribution of stakeholders is to avoidable it is problem of organization. Change and improve in policies and rules, is the problem of organization. It is the lower quality machinery is use for patients is the biggest problem of organization (Yorio, Willmer and Moore 2015) Any implementation and improvement of roles and duties of employees and management is the dilemmas of organization. There is no contribution of employees in critical accidents and incidents is the bis problem of the organization. The security is important of health and safety care services in NHS. Proper communication between the patient and doctor, employees and management, employers and employees, receptionist and visitors, so that all these dilemmas of health and safety care service organizations. Employees corporation and employees participation is the important for NHS.

2.4 Description on the impact of non-compliance with regard to health and safety legislation in health care

Under this, it can be said that there are number of the harmful effects if there is no following of compliance in the health and safety of legislation. In UK, the legal authorities has taken the various measures and formulated the differed kind of legislation which high impact over the working and functioning of the health-care enterprises. Therefore, it is need to abide nu the number of the rules and regulations. This thing ensures that health and safety of the employees who are working under the care organisation can negative impact the functioning of the enterprise. In this term all the legislation under this are need to be cleared otherwise the major issues can be caused ((Nadvi and RajReichert, 2015) The roles and responsibilities of the care workers are need to determined in the proper mode. As per the mental health act 1983 has been stated fort the mentally impaired people and then the enterprise need to take the number of initiatives in terms to treat the mental disorder in the well organised and effective mode. According to the Public health act 1936 states that if the physicians are not working as per the compliance than they are get the punishments and charged penalties to the patients for the false treatment or it will lso covered the things as non maintaining of any kind of the professional misconduct. In this term the health care individuals need to follow the all the rules and regulations prescribed by the legal authorities.


3.1 Explain how health and safety policies and practices are monitored and reviewed

The policies and practise that are followed in health care must be monitored. It is because it will help in maintaining quality of services and providing a better working environment. Besides this, it will be beneficial in determining changes in health sector (Donham and Thelin, 2016) By monitoring polices it will be easy to identify whether set standards are being met or not. If not then proper actions can be taken to make changes in policies. Also, it helps in finding out drawbacks of system. Basically there are two ways of monitoring policies. These are as follows :-

Proactive method- It means checking the standards regularly so that action can be taken before occurring of any event. In this there is less risk of occurring of event.

Reactive method– In this approach actions are taken after occurrence of an event. It helps in taking proper actions.

Other than this inspections and audits can also be done (Nel, Parak and Weiss, 2015) It will help in evaluating several factors such as safety systems, cleanliness, equipments used, etc. With this changes in policies can be made.

My role was to collect data and information of an event. It helped me to find out root cause of problem. Also, I was able to analyse whether set standards are met or not. Then, accordingly actions were taken by me. I reviewed them and provide suggestion to manager regarding what changes can be done.

3.2 Analyse the effectiveness of health and safety policies in workplace in promoting a positive health culture

There are various policies that are implemented and followed in health care. This purpose of this is to provide better working conditions to employees and providing effective care services to people. The different policies are described below :-

Appropriate procedures- In this it is stated that hazards are properly recorded so that proper actions are taken. An appropriate procedure of reporting will help in proper usage of equipments.

Risk assessment- This is concerned as very important. It contains policies related to risk. A risk assessment will help in better development of policies and making necessary changes in equipments (Yorio, Willmer and Moore, 2015). It will useful in finding out loop wholes so that it can be improved.

Fire safety and training – It consists of policies that helps in providing training to employees. By developing this, fire safety equipments can be installed that will help in ensuring safety of people. It also promotes safe environment at workplace.

Structure and responsibilities- A well defined structure will help in showing how manager and workers coordinate and communicate with each other. By describing responsibilities of each person, it helps in reducing conflicts. Also, it motivates employees to provide effective care services to people. Besides this, practise are properly followed at workplace

These all policies has benefited in developing safe working environment (Nadvi and RajReichert, 2015) Also, it has enabled employees in providing effective care services to people. It helped inmaintaining quality of services and providing a safe environment.

3.3 Evaluate own contribution to placing the health and safety needs of individuals at Centre

I was responsible for managing the overall operations of health care. I worked as a manager and my role was to assign roles and responsibilities to employees. I analysed their skills and qualities and then assigned roles. Also, I was responsible for monitoring of policies so that service quality can be maintained. For this I set some standards that helped me to maintain care service at workplace. Besides this, I did a risk assessment. It helped me to develop proper plans so that occurring of event can be minimised. For doing this I took the help of stakeholders. I was able to realise that risk assessment is done. I regularly communicated with them.

I regularly inspected policies that whether it is been properly followed or not. With this I was able to find out areas where change was needed. So I made changes that helped in minimising the impact of event. I communicated with stakeholders regarding any change in government laws or regulations. It helped me to consider them while developing polices. I also measured employee performance so that training can be provided to them. It was beneficial for them as it improved their efficiency. Furthermore, I was able to complete goals and objectives in specific time. I helped employees whenever needed. I build strong relations with them. With this I was able to work effectively in creating a safe environment. Get buy assignment Online from Australian professionals at the lowest price.


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This report concludes that laws and regulations play a vital role in health care. The organisation must follow those rules so that effective care can be provided. Also, rules helps in developing procedure and setting standards. Besides this, policies must be evaluated so that changes can made accordingly. By doing risk assessment, care centre can develop proper plans and strategies on how to deal with certain events. Moreover, the policies and practise that are followed in health care must be monitored. It helps in maintaining quality of services and providing a safe environment. There are various policies that are implemented and followed in health care.


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