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Unit 14 Human Resource Management St. Patrick's College London Level 4


In this study a detailed research is to be conducted on the HR management activities of a company during the operation in a financial year. In this context is to be added that the detailed aspects of the human resources management are to be performed. Further the assignment will focus on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the different key elements of the human resource management within the chosen organisation in terms of the different practices which are crucial for productivity as well as profit of the company. The analysis of the employees as part of the human resource management and its contribution is also presented within this assignment. Finally, application of the human resource management practises that are evident within the House of Fraser will be provided within this assignment for the understanding of the real time execution of the human resource management practices.

Task 1 (LO1, LO2)

P1 Explaining the purpose and the functions of human resource management applied

The human resource management of any association plays an important role for the association in staffing the best potential workers for the businesses. The human resource management actually holds the role of the part of crossing over between the association that is looking for gainful and talented workers and it additionally cares for the advantages, compensations of the representatives too. The initial aim of the human resource management of any association is to give best ability and consequently give great working conditions, outline authoritative arrangements that are not one-sided towards the association as on account of House of Fraser too. Through the satisfaction of these essential purposes the human resource management is obvious to profit both the business and the representative too. The business is profited in term of abnormal state of efficiency and the representatives are profited by great working conditions, examinations, building up safe and secured work environment, vocation improvement of the representatives and so forth (Van et al. 2015).

The major function of the Human resource management that is evident in the human resource management of House of Fraser as well includes the following:

Recruitment and Selection:

The human resource management plays the most critical part in bringing skills and talents according to the prerequisites of the association. The human resource management alongside its group or regularly the HR supervisor just is found to investigate the assignment and occupation parts as obligations according to which the criteria for the opening is satisfied frame distinctive kinds of enlistment. These incorporate the tasks like that of screening of the applicants, determination of the competitors, situation of the workers, enlistment and so forth. The required financial resource for doing the enlistment forms shifts according to the sort which is impacts the financial plan. In this manner, it is the proficiency of the human resource management that how it can pull in and enrol representatives inside the given money related asset inside the booked time.

Figure 1: Functions of HR

(Source: Whysall, 2018)

Administration and Training:

The evaluation of the performance of the employees is yet another function of the human resource management that is done by House of Fraser as well. The human resource management of this organisation like other organisations performs the task of evaluating the skills and capabilities of the existing employees to evaluate the potentialities of improvement or increase in productivity. Thus, the human resource management frames training sessions within the organisation in intervals for the productivity of existing employees. Often employees are sent outside the organisation for specialised training (Whysall, 2018).

Structuring the business premises:

The administration of the efficiency of the representatives and the benefit of the association is subject to the execution of the functional activities that should be organized inside the organization. Therefore, according to the type and size of the organization, the approaches are surrounded and the working workplace force that is scattered in various division is interconnected. For example, in the divisional and practical authoritative structure of House of Fraser means the administration of the workers and viable cooperation in the distinctive branches of the organization like that of offers, advertising, generation, stock and others. Along these lines, the support and the checking of the workers are performed by the association.

P2 Strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches to recruitment and selection

The strengths and the weakness of the different types of recruitment include the following:

External recruitment: This process is used when the organisation looks for talents outside the organisation suitable for the job role.

Advantages: The advantages of this recruitment include:

  • New talents along with qualified skills for the organisation
  • Availability of gifted, experienced and widely skilled
  • Several options to choose from and hire the best potential employee


  • This is quite expensive process as it contains various advertisements in print media and online media like job portals
  • The procedure is longer than other recruitment processes
  • The selection may not prove to be effective as expected

Internal Recruitment: This process refers to the recruitment of the candidate to fill the vacancy from the existing human resource of the organisation (Wilhelm et al. 2016).


  • This process is cost efficient and quicker compared to the external recruitment
  • The talent and capability of the employee is already known
  • The Strengths, weaknesses and the business process of the organisation is already known to the employee
  • Promotional opportunities are motivating for he employees increasing the productivity


  • The numbers of applicants are limited
  • No opportunities of fresh talent that would provide the openings to enter the workforce of the company
  • Resentment among the colleagues against the chosen employee may take place as decisions may be taken based on any kind of bias.
  • Creation of another vacancy takes place (Anselmsson et al. 2016)

Figure 2: Approaches to recruitment

(Source: Anselmsson et al. 2016)

Recruitment of third parties:


  • Fair staffing based only on talent is possible
  • long term target in building relationship
  • Best utilisation of the talent of the candidates


  • Higher amount of fees for the services offered by the recruitment agency is required to be provided incurring costs on the organisation
  • Lack of control over of the hiring process is seen as the HR manager has no direct control over the agencies.
  • Assessment of the individual employee by the human resource management of the company is not possible.

P3 Explaining the benefits of different human resource management practices within an organization for both the employer and employee

As it is mentioned earlier the human resource management associates the business and the representative by improving the worker relationship through common advantages. This is mainly performed by the association through the distinctive practices that are conveyed by the HR director which never again disturbs the general supervisor of the organization. The communication gap that used to be the initial issue between the business and the worker is mitigated through the Human resource management. The advantages and the necessities of the representatives are well to the human resource management of the organization which is imparted to the business through methodical composed correspondence (Schuler and Jackson, 2014). This makes the representative fulfilled and the worker connection with the business is improved too.

There are often conflicts and misunderstandings among the workers and the employers that influence the creation or the execution or the execution of the operational exercises of the organization. This is limited and frequently alleviated by the human resource management through viable answer for the reason for the contention among the couple. Thus the situations inside the working environment are taken care of by the human resource management which influences the worker and in addition the business to avoid the clashing circumstances which is obvious to make to be loss of them two. In this manner, it is obvious, that the other way around commitment and advantage relationship exists among the couple that is tempered by the Human resource management of the as

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