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D/507/3728 - Influence Each Stage Of Decision Making Process Identified

University: Regent College

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  • Course Code: D/507/3728
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Question :

The manager of Thomas Food Centre has asked to give advice on the consumer decision market through undertaking a detailed research.

  •        Demonstration of a path to purchase also focusing on decision making process.
  •        Carrying out an evaluation of different forms of research to understand influences on decision making process by consumers.
  •        Determine how marketers influence each stage of decision making process identified. 
Answer :


There are various kind of processes regarding the decision making which can be understood by the consumer and thus through this knowledge can be enhanced. There is the evaluation of substitutes along with the needs of recognisation form the research and the purchase of various kind of products and services which are being manufactured. In order to have factor of growth within the market and thus reach to its sales, it is highly essential for the company to understand the attitude and behaviour (Arts, Frambach and Bijmolt, 2011). There are number of factors which can impact upon the process of decision making. There are various kind of stages which are mainly involved within process of purchasing and thus determine every kind of stage to purchase products. Company chosen is Thomas Food Centre which is small retailer of various type of food products. There are various kind of stages in which the process of decision making process and influence of marketer of every kind of stage within this report.


P1 Stages of consumer decision making journey

Consumer behaviour can be stated as process where there are many of the processes which a consumer undergo through and thus then they make the purchases and thus it mainly involves many kind of factors which in turn can put up the influence upon the decision made and the way they are mainly utilised (Consumer decision making process. 2017). There are mainly five steps which are being involved within the process of consumer decision making process . Those steps are mainly need of recognisance, search of the data, evolutional alternations, purchase and the post behaviour. There are steps which are the guide for marketers for understanding and thus communicating with customers by the help of effective funnel. There is one thing that the consumers which does not move within the exact order within the process. Along with that, this can mainly depend upon the product type along with having buying stage consumer along with having financial status. Below described are the five kind of stages which are mainly described below:

Need recognition: This can be stated as very first step which is being taken and also it plays crucial role in the process of decision making process of the consumer. It is highly essential to have recognisation of the need for which it is mainly being taken. There is the factor which is called need and thus it mainly result in actual purchase for the certain kind of product and services (Belch and et. al., 2014). There are various kind of wants and needs which in turn can be analysed by the guidance given by the consumer and thus it can mainly support the marketers which in turn can help out in taking various kind of decision which are highly related to the business process and its operations which are conducted. In the case of Thomas food and its product, there is analysation which is being done by an individual for determining the needs and wants which they would prefer to eat at what time. Product given should be of high quality and along with this, it mainly should be tasty, healthy and bling of spice as well.

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Search and collect information: This can be stated as second step after the recognisation of the needs. In this kind of step, main role is being played for collecting the crucial data and thus mainly analyse and evaluate the data which is being collected. There are mainly various kind of alternatives which are present to the customers and the mindset of the client is that every information should be grabbed so that better level of decision can be made before spending up the money (Bianchi and Andrews, 2012). There are mainly two kind of aspects and that are positive and negative impact which can be made and examined while making the purchase. In this kind of food product, there are many of the consumers who search for the data regarding many of the food items along with choices which in turn can be made for maximum level.

Actual purchase of products: In this kind of stage, decision is being made by the consumer regarding what to purchase and what not to. This all is being examined and determined by all kind of data in order to purchase the specific kind of product for bringing out maximum level of satisfaction for the desires. After this, all kind of food items which will be examined and thus an individual will mainly finalise the food product which he\she will mainly will purchase as per the budget and this is correct for the need satisfaction.

Post purchase evaluation: This can be stated as the last step which helps out in making the process of decision making process. In this kind of procedure, there will be the examination of usefulness for the purchase of product and thus high level of satisfaction can be delivered from the specific good (Brodie and et. al., 2013). There are various kind of product which are mainly purchased with motive of meeting up the expected level and thus become loyal for certain product.

P2 Understand the consumer decision making and its significance for marketers

There is the high need of conducting the behaviour of the consumer which is very essential for a marketer. Along with this, it is highly beneficial for the marketer which in turn can understood regarding the purchasing power of consumers along with having products which are disposed along with the services of an individual or in group. Moreover, this in turn will mainly provide the support and thus it cam mainly determine the multipole consumers who mainly share up the opinions along with having experience for mainly satisfying the wants and needs in better and effectual manner (Bruwer, Saliba and Miller, 2011). This in turn will mainly provide the support marketers for analysing and studying with the motive of having better knowledge and understanding the various kind of ways where the consumer will have the behavioural factor and within the market, there will be the position of company by the products for the target market or the specific group of people. This will mainly help out in attaining the objectives in better and effectual manner.

From the aspect of a marketer, there is the major motive which is making the aim of promoting and marketing for the goods which in turn can mainly improve the sales ratio and thus it will help in generating the high number of profits. There is the major principle and that is of generating the revenue along with having major kind of profits. Marketers mainly apply the level of process which in turn help in generating the revenue. However, in modern scenario there is high awareness among the customers which can have the data about the product and its usages and it will be not be much more easier to influence an individual for buying the product of the company (Carrington, Neville and Whitwell, 2014). Now-er days, it is being needed for carrying out the detailed study along with the research for selling out the product or the service within the marketplace and thus mainly provide the motivation to an individual for purchasing the product in better and effectual manner.

Therefore, it is very essential for understanding the process of decision making regarding the consumer for the marketers and thus this can be mainly be understood by the factors which are being described below:

  • For acknowledging the buying behaviour of the consumers.
  • For determining and putting evaluation within number of factors which in turn can mainly put an impact upon the buying behaviour of the consumer.
  • Adoption of latest technology which can be like online stores which in turn can help out in attracting and retaining the customers in effectual way.
  • There should be acknowledgement and better level of understanding regarding the decision making process of consumer for disposing the product and services.
  • Enhancing and bringing improvisation within the knowledge of person so that there can be influence in purchasing the product
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