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Human Resource Management Practices In Think Right

University: Mont Rose College

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1608
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BMA777
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Question :

Human resource management is a managerial function which concerned with promoting and enhancing the development of work effectiveness and advancement of the human resources employed in the organization “Think Right Ltd.” Has manpower of 45 among which few are full time employed whereas remaining are self-employed. Its headquartered is located in London. Student will have required to address following learning outcomes at the end of this unit:

  1. Mention the rationale and scope of Human Resource Management to fulfill workforce with skilled and knowledgeable employees in Think Right.
  2. Assess the usefulness of the key aspects of Human Resource Management in an organization
  3. Examine internal and external factors that makes impact on Human Resource Management decision-making, including employment legislations.
  4. Application of Human Resource Management practices in a work-related context
Answer :


Human resource management is a managerial function which concerned with promoting and enhancing the development of work effectiveness and advancement of the human resources employed in the organisation (Bolman and Deal, 2017). In an organisation, Human resource management plays numerous roles with the purpose to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in workforce so that goals and objectives of organisation can be accomplish. In this context, the report will focus on elaborating the benefits of HRM practices followed in Think Right Limited. Evaluation of the effectiveness of HRM practices will be made in this report.


P3 Benefits of HRM practices within Think Right

Human resource manager in Think Right played various roles i.e. from developing policies to providing training to employees, from motivating employees to provide them counselling. In order to enhance the motivation and competencies of employees, human resource manager is responsible for providing time to time training, identifying needs of training and evaluating of training (Soltis and et.al., 2013). There are numerous benefits associated with it and which are described below:

Advantages of learning, development and training to both employer and employees at Think Right Limited.

Training and development indeed helps in raising the skills and motivation of employees but most importantly it helps in enhancing the overall competencies of the organisation. Benefits of learning, development and training including differentiating development and training is described below:


  • Reducing Efforts: Providing training, learning and development to employees precisely reduces the efforts of employers and ultimately saves their time.
  • Efficient results: Training and development of employees results in enhancing customer service, better work safety practices and productivity improvements (Huang and Kim, 2013). Training is provided to the employees in order to enhance their existing skills and competencies. Through rigorous training, abilities of employees increase and they can work for effectively which benefits the employers.
  • Improving loyalty and retention: Training and development raises loyalty of employees. Differentiated training and development provided to employees helps in raising specific skills in them and thus this enhances their motivation and eventually, their commitment towards organisation increases (Locke and Latham, 2013). The attrition rates and absenteeism reduces and thus it benefits the employers as well as organisation.
  • Improvement in Business performance: Training and development raises the efficiencies of employees which enhances their performance. This ultimately results in enriching the overall business performance.


  • Raising Skills: Training and development provided to employees raises the skills of employees which benefits them in their daily operational activities (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014).
  • Increased Motivation: Employees motivation increased if they become able to do certain task or operation effectively.
  • Sense of Belongingness: Employees sense of belongingness increased when they found that management is putting efforts on them (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013). This increases the sense of belongingness of employees towards organisation.
  • More Knowledge: Through continuous learning, employees will be able to increase their level of knowledge effectively and efficiently.

Identifying training needs – the training gap

Benefits of identifying training needs is that it helps management to know about the existing performance of employees and what training must be provided to him or her in order to raise skills and competencies. It helps the management to keep the employees up to date. It also fills the training gap and enhances the performance level of employees.

Evaluation of training

After the training has been provided to the employees, human resource managers evaluate the training through various assessments. This helps them in obtaining information about which employee able to grasp the training more effectively. In this manner, the work and task has been allocated appropriately.

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P4 Evaluating effectiveness of HRM practices

In order to raise the profitability and productivity of the organisation it is vitally important for human resource management to evaluate the effectiveness of policies and practices followed within organisation. At Think Right limited, the role of human resource manger is to evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures regarding training and development, recruitment and selection, compensation and employee relations. In order to create positive work culture within the organisation, human resource management is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of HRM practices (Brewster and et.al., 2016). There are various methods through which managers evaluate the effectiveness out of which the common method used in Think Right is obtaining feedbacks of employees. A separate box has been placed in front of HR department where employees can put suggestions and recommendations for improvements. Whether it s regarding training and development techniques or employee benefits, HR manager overview every recommendations in order to gain knowledge about what employees desire from their organisation (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). Another method for evaluating effectiveness is observations. HR manager at Think Right frequently observe the organisation and employees behaviour after training and development provided to them. Through observation, human resource manager able to get information about effectiveness of training. HR manager is responsible to design the job description and provide it to the employees so that they will be able to know about requirements of specific job.

According to motivational model proposed by Porter and Lawler rewards associated with the particular task motivates the employees more. Rewards are categorised as intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Intrinsic rewards are internal feelings of job self esteem and sense of competence that individuals feel (Hoque, 2013). Extrinsic rewards are external rewards that provided to employees in terms of monetary benefits, incentives, etc. For evaluation of effectiveness of HRM policies, motivational level of employees has been measured by the HR manager at Think Right (Riley, 2014). Employees are allowed to participate in decision making process which helps in raising their internal motivation and star performers of month provided with extrinsic rewards like fringe benefits or incentives which ignite other employees to perform better and better. In this manner, the HR manager at Think Right able to enhance the level of performance of the employees which directly increases the goodwill, positive corporate culture and productivity of the organisation (Marler and Fisher, 2013). Management of Think Right thus able to sustain in the competitive environment and able to enhance its profitability effectively.

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Link between motivational theory and reward

By using positive reinforcement to motivate employees, a manager may build a good relationship with his employee that develop a sense of trust.

Rewards - Many managers prefer to reward their best employees by simply complimenting them for a job well done, or by recognizing the hard work or efforts they put in to a project.

Job design principles and techniques

Job design is a procedure of work arrangement with a aim of reducing job dissatisfaction among the employees. It can help in increasing the productivity through offering non-monetary rewards for example greater satisfaction from personal achievement for meeting the enhanced responsibility and challenge of one's work. There are various method for job design such as job rotation, job enlargement, or Job Simplification.

Job rotation - Job rotation refers to systematized movement of employees from one job to the other

Job enlargement – It refers to the expansion in the scope of the job.

Job enrichment - Job enrichment refers to making the job rich in its contents so that an employee will get more satisfaction while doing that job.

Herzberg’s two factor theory – It also refers to motivation-hygiene theory,motivators includes all the elements that directly encourage employees to work harder and hygiene factors included all the elements that would demotivate employees if not present in the organisation.


From the above report it can be concluded that human resource management is vital organ of the organisation. It deals with developing policies which enhance harmony within the organisation. In the report, the benefits of different policies and procedures to both employers and employees of Think Right limited has been ascertained. The evaluation of effectiveness of HRM practices and different HRM practices followed at Think Right has been analysed and discussed in this assignment with supporting motivational theory.

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