Type: Business Pages: 1
  • Course Code: PR557
  • Course Title: Unit 6 - Professional Practice and Ethics Sources for the Collection of Data
  • University: University Of Melbourne
  • Country: Australia

Assessment Brief

1.1. Assessment Brief – Element 1: Group Presentation

  • In Week 10 of your programme you will deliver a Dragon’s Den business idea presentation, as part of a team, to a panel consisting of two tutors. The presentation will be 10 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions and answers.

In order to achieve this you will organise your own group in week 2 and you will receive presentation guidelines throughout the term.

In your group, your task is to plan a start‐up business with a creative and innovative idea. The concept must be of use commercially, and in doing so you will need to identify your target market. Your group must produce visual aids to accompany the presentation.

Your Group must ensure that you carry out sufficient research/referencing to justify any claims that you make in your presentation and to be able to answer questions credibly.

1.2. Assessment Brief – Element 2: Portfolio

You will produce a portfolio which will contain evidence of your professional development and achievements to date. The portfolio will consist of:

1. A professional CV

2. A covering letter in response to a job advertisement

3. A Career Development Plan

4. An ethics statement

5. A Job advert that you wish to apply for (this forms an appendix to the portfolio and is not marked. This is the job that your CV and covering letter should be responding to).

1.3. Assessment Submission Structure

A. Element 1 - Group Presentation

  • The Group presentation will take place during Teaching Week 10. Your tutor will give you a time slot and the timetable will be published on the VLE. If you do not turn up at your allotted time you will not be able to present and you will receive 0% for this part of the Assessment. If the rest of your Group turn up they will be allowed to present without you but you will not be able to receive a mark.

 B. Element 2 - Portfolio

  • You are strongly advised to submit your Portfolio well before the deadline. Any Portfolios received after the deadline without permission for an extension - permission which must have
  • been applied for a full working day before the deadline ‐ will not be marked and your Portfolio will receive 0%. You will then need to re‐take the assessment at a later date.
  • Please submit your Portfolio via Turnitin. This can be found within the ‘Assessment’ section of the PPE Module and your tutor will go through this with you in class.

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