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February 20, 2019
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Know Everything About Greenhouse Effect and How to Fight It

Greenhouse Effect Diagram

One of the common terms these days that has taken the world by a blow is Greenhouse Effect. Your environment science professor would definitely assign you a writing task for the same. The topic is quite interesting, but common too. It is important that to impress your professor, you submit a document that is innovative.

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To guide you through the topic, our experts have explained the basics here.

Everything You Need to Know About Greenhouse Effect

What Is Greenhouse Effect?

When explained in technical terms, greenhouse effect can be termed as the trapping of the sun’s warmth in the lower sections of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is because a large portion of the atmosphere is open to visible radiation to a larger extent as compared to infrared radiation.

In a layman’s language,

Greenhouse effect is a process that warms the earth surface. The IR radiations that are re-emitted to the surface from the atmosphere are the major cause of the effect. It is responsible for making the earth warm.

Major Cause:

  • The Greenhouse Gases (Co2 (Carbon dioxide) gas, Methane, Water Vapour)
  • Industrial Wastes
  • Deforestation  
  • Depletion of Ozone Layer

A warm planet is a threat and the effects are irreversible, so we need to cut this down...and a lot more. You must have heard things like this in the local media or blogs and newspapers that you read.

But the main question here is, “How disastrous it can turn out to be?”

Well, before we discuss the negatives, let us see how important the effect is in sustaining life on the planet earth.

Importance of Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is an important reason that life exists on the planet. If we were to survive without the effect, the temperature of the planet would be at least 33 degree Celsius lower. This would make it impossible for the Homo Sapiens to sustain life and thus, we would not be writing this and you would not be reading this.

  • Greenhouse effect plays an important role in sustaining life on the planet.  
  • Also, there are a lot of greenhouses made for breeding plants of different regions in some other region. (It plays an important role in spreading diversity)

The next big question,

If the Effect Is So Important, Why Are We Fighting It Now?

“Excess of anything is not good”

The phrase holds good in the case. Although it is important, the last few years have noticed a sudden increase in the greenhouse gases that have damaged the environment and the climatic cycles to a great extent.

The Disadvantages of Greenhouse Effect

As discussed, greenhouse gases play an important role in maintaining the temperature of the atmosphere, and their major impact reflects on the temperature and climate itself.

1) As discussed, greenhouse gases play an important role in maintaining the temperature of the atmosphere, and their major impact reflects on the temperature and climate itself.

US has been recording the four previous as the hottest of the century that clearly reflects the effect of increase of greenhouse gases in the environment.

Not only warmer days, but a sudden increase in number of hurricanes, cyclones hitting the shores and the disturbances in the currents also reflect where the effect is leading us to.

2) With such a change in the environment, the next thing that is to be affected is the water level. The ice caps are melting, rivers are being extinct, the imbalance is visible through out. This has lead to desertification and flooding of areas that were never expecting it.

3) The other major effect of the increasing greenhouse gases can be observed in the marine ecosystem. The underwater life has been affected a lot and has seen a significant decline too. A lot of creatures are coming on the verge of extinction, because of the melting of polar icecaps.

The cute penguins and polar bears are leading the list. SAD!!!

4) The devastation does not ends here. The effect has a great influence on the economy too. Untimely rains, weather changes and climatic imbalances have started reflecting in the agriculture. A lot of economies depending on the same are struggling.

5) The tectonics plate too are effected with the changes in current and the natural disasters have been influencing the world.

The Story Does Not Ends Here...

There is a lot that is to be done. With a lot of non-profit organizations fighting the threat, it is the duty of individuals to come up with simple solutions and mitigation steps.

Fighting Greenhouse Effect at Individual Level

  • Use public transport instead of personal vehicles to reduce pollution.  
  • Plant trees. (Yeah. Afforestation is a solution to all our problems)  
  • CFLs are an environmental friendly option.  
  • Know where the switch is and use.
  • 3 R’s always. (Reuse, Recycle and Reduce).

And the Gist...

The situation may be critical and you may feel stuck. But, in the end, it is important that we stand up together and save the planet for the future. Our children do not have an alternative yet.


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