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5 Blunders That Every Human Resource Professional Should Avoid

18 Oct 2017 6155 5 minutes
Human Resource Mistakes

It is often said that “making mistakes is a part of life as long as we all learn from them.” However, it is always better to avoid making mistakes in the first place, especially being in a professional life. We all know that being an HR is a complicated process. They are assigned various complicated roles such as creating workplace culture, eliminating employees uncertainties, interviewing future employees for the company, etc. And, with so many responsibilities, they are bound to make a few blunders.

In this blog, we have listed a handful of mistakes that are often committed by human resource professionals.

1.Playing favorites

It’s human nature to like somebody more than others, however it’s best to avoid this favouritism while being in the office. If an HR manager is always biased toward a certain workers, and he/she assigns beneficiary tasks to them, then it will affect other employees. It is something that can indirectly demoralize people wherein creating clashes and disturbance in the premises. It also hampers the performance of the left out employees.


It is a common trend of the organization to give the responsibility of delegating tasks to the HR head. It is their duty to assign work to the employees and then continually supervise them at every step. This supervision is essential to a certain limit. But if you go overboard, then it may affect the performance of the people. At times, overindulgence is not respected. Thus, it should be avoided to an extent, and employees should be made accountable for their own work!

3.Socializing too much with other employees

Being an HR, it is not wrong to be friendly with all the employees; however professional curtains are necessary to maintain a thin-line difference. Relationship of the HR managers with other team members can affect the productivity, attendance, and attitude of the workers. The most important duty of an HR manager is to maintain the right work balance within the organizations, and it can only be achieved by being a management representative first, and then a friend.

4.Hasty hires

Managing a team as an HR is not an easy errand as it involves lots of ups and downs. Also, as an HR manager, there is ample workload to manage. With all these, meeting the hiring needs of the organization often take a toll on the life of the HR. However, trying to fill in the position in haste without fleshing out the needs of the company could lead to the hiring of wrong candidates who can hamper the company’s growth and success.

5.False commitments

Several human resource professionals tempt the new employees by exaggerating job benefits and making unrealistic promises. HR professionals should refrain themselves from making such impulses as this leads to disappointment in the employees in most of the organizations. They should be wise enough while guiding the new recruits about the company and its laws and should never state anything that doesn’t survive in reality.

Avoiding these top five recruitment mistakes will help you get through difficult tasks of HR management smoothly. Also, identifying such potential problems will soon make a world of difference in the success of any business. If you’re in a learning phase and are looking for guidance regarding this field of study, then keep following our blogs section.

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