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Are You an Introvert? Here are 5 Strategies to Socialize Yourself

02 Feb 2018 4739 5 minutes
Social Skills

Parties and social gatherings are some events that every person might have attended at least once in a lifetime. Some may find them interesting, whereas there are some people who are always looking for a way to escape them. The problem might be their poor social skills. They may not be able to start a conversation due to speech anxiety or what they name it as ‘glossophobia.’ Socializing is real fun, but only when both sides are contributing to a lively chat. It also relieves your mental pressure. It has been seen that people with a vast social network are more active both physically and mentally. If you feel a bit insecure or shy about starting a conversation with an unknown person, then here are five ways to make yourself socialize. Take a look!

1.) Fake Your Confidence

Being social and being confident go parallel. If you have good social skills, then surely your confidence level is far higher than others and vice versa. But, if you struggle in this field, then it is required from you that you bluff your confidence by faking it. They say ‘fake it till you make it.’ Try to be assertive and disagree with people. It’s fine if you’re proven wrong, accept your mistake and don’t be arrogant.

2.) Ask Open-Ended Questions

It’s a beneficial advice, and you must keep this in practice to ask an open-ended question that doesn’t end with just a yes or no reply. Always try to build a conversation with other people, and such varieties of questions can serve as an instrument in this process. And, if you have mistakenly asked a close-ended question, then throw an open-ended probe to keep the conversation growing.

3.) Offer Generous Compliments

Some of you face difficulty in starting a conversation. You keep questing after a pick-up line, but you hardly find one. So, it is suggested that you start your dialogue with a generous compliment. Praise your colleague, friends or any unknown person when you notice something adoring in them or you like their dress, car, etc. Compliments are the best ways to start a conversation as they reflect your friendly nature.

4.) Practice in Front of Any Random Person

Many people are afraid of what others may think of them, and that leads to glossophobia. Students have a fear in their mind that they might get ridiculed if they speak irrelevantly, so they mostly go silent. The best way to overcome your anxiety is trying to show your confidence and boldness in front of an unknown person whom you’ll not be meeting again. You may face difficulty in the first attempt, but the next time, you will be on fire with confidence.

5.) Unleash Yourself

To add some spice to your monotonous life, take a break and let loose yourself. Visit a place where no one knows you, get indulged in childish acts, have fun, and the most important thing is that stop caring about what other people think of you. When someone tries to poke you, don’t get offensive and avoid taking it personally instead make a fun of yourself. In this way, you will get to know your true colours.
As a student of sociology, you must understand that sometimes those who don’t socialize much are not actually anti-social. Try to help them by sharing the strategies that we have mentioned above. Hope you liked reading the blog.

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