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M/508/9860 - Research Methodologies of Toyota Motor Corporation

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Course Code: M/508/9860
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Question :

The purpose of this research is to evaluate the requirement of implementing change in an organisation as well as its importance in business growth. These kind of analysis will assist in identifying how Toyota can implement changes in their business process.

  • Discuss background of the research by considering specific topic.
  • Provide a discussion by considering different literatures.
  • Design a logical and cohesive structure by considering research methodologies.
  • Discuss data analysis practices linked to the research questions.
Answer :


Background of the study

Management of change or transformation  in business implies to systematic approach which deals with transition  of business objectivity's  process and technologies. Main purpose of organization behind implementation of change is to improve business activities. The highly effective business activities requires supervision of managers and leaders to increase attention and results of business operations which tends to raise it actions and interventions at workplace.  Various strategies  and policies have been developed different departments within enterprise in order to collaborate with different business activities to resolve and substances of resolution of problems (Neuman, 2013). Continuous improvement in technology has created various opportunities for organization to attain growth through implementation of changes in business processes and activities to correlate with management. Highly effective management and control of business operations  have increased opportunities for management to attain growth and recognition in market. Implementation of various technologies  like production , equipments, software and other technologies has transformed companies operations in market. Further, for removal of implication of external and internal environment factors managers of companies always tries to make innovation in their business operations. Improvement in business operations have intended to create influence on business operations to achieve high growth and recognition among customers in market. Implementation of change is business operations provided major influence on business revenues and profitability in market. This has tends to raise of recognition of organization among customers (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). Managers of international business enterprise highly responsible to control and analyse outcomes of changes by making comparison between actual results and expected results after implementation of changes. In this research project, Toyata Plc has been selected by scholar to accomplish research on analysis  of change management for growth of business operations. Toyota is British automotive manufacturer brand which deals in commercial vehicles, Car and other accessories. In order to make research more relevant, there are some important research methodologies have been used which helps in collection of appropriate data and recognition.


Continuous change in economic condition or situation of country also provide impact of business operations and force them implement change in their business processes for sustaining business. This situation provided influence on new business projects and  operations of enterprise because organisation needs to provide training to employees for implementation of these changes. Further, Due to rapid implementation of change in business projects and activities,  contribution or acceptance of employees towards implementation of change usually remains at low level in organisation (Brinkmann, 2014). Main purpose of this research is determined various important approaches applied for change management by organisation. Further, contribution of effective of change-management towards growth  of business is also determined in context of Toyota Motors  Plc.


I have undertaken this topic this as I have interest in this field of study. Research has selected to provide understanding about change-management which tends to increase by knowledge and ability. This research will also create opportunities for development of career in Automotive industry and  also provide skills to perform roles and responsibilities of managers effectively.

Significance of the study

Research will provide understanding about various essential changes which are taken place in business environment an their influence on business growth and development. It is also important for scholar  in analysis of approach used by Automotive industry organisation to manage those changes (Flick, 2015).


Structure of the proposal

Research approach

There are two types of research approaches which are deductive and inductive approach. In the following research the investigator will use inductive approach which starts basically with certain observations and related theory which are tends to be proposed at the end of the process of research  which will be the respective result of all the observations performed. Inductive approach includes the finding the patterns of various observation and with this there is the development of explanations and theories associated with it and a hypothesis is formed for these patterns. This approach is adopted because can alter the direction of his research after the commencement of research process (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). Deductive approach is not considered by the investigator because it  requires a theory on the basis of which the researchers forms the hypothesis and performs the research and obtain findings for the confirmation which is not currently the present scenario of the research. Inductive approach will be used because it is a qualitative research  and the investigator will have observations for the scenario of effectiveness of the change management in Toyota from which he will form the pattern followed by making of tentative hypothesis which will be required for building up a theory for the research.

Research Philosophy

Research philosophy mainly deals with the aspects such as sources, nature and developing the knowledge factor. Various philosophies of researches helps for deciding  the kind of approach which shall be adopted by the investigator. These philosophies are implemented according to the subject's nature. There are two types of philosophies which are positivism and interpretivism where the investigator will use the interpretivism philosophy in which he will perform the investigation of small samples and interpret the information which will be observed by him. This philosophy is used in the qualitative analysis for the research process. As the present topic is ' To identify the effectiveness of change management for growth of business', investigator will collect all the related information and will interpret  those facts and figures for some conclusion (Lewis, 2015). It will also help the investigator for avoiding various rigid and structured frameworks and will lead to implement  much personal as well as flexible structures of research which will be completely receptive for capturing complete meanings in the interactions with the humans. Whereas in the positivism various statistical and mathematical techniques are used  which are not at all related to the type of research which the investigator will research.

Research Design

A research design is considered as the complete set of various procedures and methods which are used for collecting and analysing  the measures of certain variables which are specifies in problem related to change management. It defines the type of study, problem of research, related hypothesis and various independent and dependent  variables that the investigator will develop. There are two types of research design which are available to the investigator for identifying the effectiveness of change management in the organisation which are mainly exploratory and descriptive. In this research the investigator will use descriptive research as investigator will depicts the various observation of the population. He will not answer questions regarding how, when or why these characteristics has occurred. He will address the scenarios of the research in which he will describe the situation .The description will be used for determining the factors which are related to the effectiveness of the change management and how they effect this process so that he will be acknowledged regarding this subject completely and will be able to describe it in an effective manner (Silverman,  2016). It will also help him for analysing the impact of the change management in the firm whereas the exploratory research includes that research pattern in which the scenario is given to the researcher and he has to research various aspects related to it and has to conclude the hypothesis which is already formed.

Reliability and Validity

There are two aspects which defines the consistency and the aptness of the findings which are related to the topic of researches, where reliability is define as the measure which determines the stability or the consistency of various test scores. There are two aspects of the reliability which is internal as well as external. The internal reliability includes the internal consistency of the research project related to the effectiveness of the change  management in the company. In this the investigator will be able to measure the performance of the test on  aspects that he will choose. External reliability depicts that the test which he will conduct can be generalised on many factors not only the one which is use for the test. For the effectiveness of the test reliability coefficient is determined which depicts the achievement of the measures from the conduction of the particular test. It is basically the proportion for variance in the observed pattern of scores obtained from test (Merriam,  2015). For determining the reliability coefficient correlation test is conducted on the collected information. Validity has the following meaning which is the accuracy in the measurement of the observation with respect to the decided standards. These factors are very important for the investigator for determining the dependability of the research findings related to the effectiveness of the change management.

Research Limitation

It is to be completely sure that every research has some limitations which is completely normal. These limitations are the areas which might not have been covered by the investigator or shall be included for a better result. Limitations provides some limits to the research process with respect to the scenario where the topic has been researched. These limitations can be related to formulation of research aims or objectives, implementation of the collected data, size of the sample , lack of pre research on the topic and the scope related to the discussion. In the following research the investigator will choose the qualitative approach where he would have taken the quantitative approach for better findings related to the effectiveness of the change management (Denzin, 2017). Also  due to the availability of the less time period the sample  which will be choose is less which has only covered the smaller aspect of the whole population, researcher might have increased the  sample size for a broader acknowledgement of the findings related to the research topic.

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