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What Are The Strategies For Career Development

University: Arden University

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Question :

In order to attain the growth and the individual assessment self-management is there by important and helps in gaining the approach and the improvement. You will have to address and submit the formal assessment for managing self and others. kindly do refer your student handbook as it will provide you all the full details and the general information with schemes for programme assessment. You are required to address following Learning Outcomes:

  • What are the strategies for career development.
  • Elaborate the lifelong learning approach and the various skills and development.
  • Analyse the range in strategies with lead of high performance in people.
  • Apply the strategies in order to work in a team or like an individual.
  • Give the reflection of your personal performance to get the self-improvement and learning.
Answer :


For HR development manager, it is crucial to have skilled knowledge of his work in order to work effectively and guide its employees for better career development. Present report will discuss about the career development plan of HR development manager and its reflection towards its skills which can help him in his job.


It is very important for a Human Resource Development (HRD) manager to have skilled knowledge of his work. This can help the organization to get higher positions in industry. Working as an HR manager in XYZ company, it has become mandatory to guide their employees for a better career development (Johns, 2017). It is crucial for HR as well to have an effective career development plan which can help in getting good outcomes.

Career Development Plan

This plan is designed to improve my skills which can help me in becoming an effective HR development manager for the organization. For this, I have worked on various abilities such as my analytical, communication, interpersonal, creativity skills, etc. Apart from this, I have also worked on time management to complete all the tasks on time (Scott, 2016).


Current Skill level

Target Skill Level

Strategies for Improvement

Time Taken

Analytical Skills

To work on my analytical skill is very important being the HR development manager. I have to improve this.

For this, I am attending classes and seminars for the improvement of these skills.

I am also reading different articles on HR managers which helped me a lot.

10 to 15 days

Communication Skills i.e. verbal and written both

I have to work on my communication skill as it is very weak for an HR manager.

I have to get good command on this for which I am interacting with as many people as possible (Johns, 2017).

I have joined training classes to improve this skill.

8 to 10 days

Time Management

It plays a significant role for HR manager. To get effective results, I have to improve this.

For this, I am working by myself. I am scheduling and planning my work to complete it on time.

Managing my work by setting time limit for that

10 days

Language Skills

This plays an important role in my job. I am improving it as it is not as good as required.

Interacting with people more and more to make it effective.

I am also giving presentation which has helped me a lot in the improvement process.

7 days

Problem Solving Capability

This skill is average as per me and thus, needs improvement.

I am taking training to work on this.

Reading different articles and magazines to get more knowledge

8 days

Critical Thinking Ability e.g. accuracy of work, efficiency, practical knowledge, etc.

For the position of HR manager, it is very important to have this skill. This is not good as required. I have to work on this section (Scott, 2016).

To improve this, I am reading different articles and books related to this to enhance my capability.

Getting help from my teachers and mentors as well

8 to 10 days

Flexibility Skills e.g., adaptability, punctuality, etc.

It is crucial for HR to be flexible in work. I am quite flexible in nature.

For more improvement, I am working with different groups to enhance my skill.

I am also taking training as well to have a good command over this.

5 days

Interpersonal Skills e.g. encouraging, leadership, etc.

In my opinion, it is average and I have to improvement it.

For this, I am working as a team which helped me to enhance this.

I am also monitoring my activity for better improvement.

8 days

Creativity Skills e.g. innovative thinking

It is quite good as per me.

For more improvement, I am preparing presentations with innovative ideas.

Also, giving presentations as well at different places to enhance my creativity (Johns, 2017)

5 days


Working as the HR development manager, it is very important for me to have a good knowledge of my work as this will help me to do my job effectively in organization. It will also ensure that I am capable enough to guide all employees for their as well as firm's better future. Improving all the related skills, for example, capability of critical thinking which can include accuracy of work, efficiency, practical knowledge, etc. can help an individual to complete his/her work efficiently and with quality as well. All the qualities will improve the overall performance of their employees if they implement all these strategies. In my opinion, it can also help us in making strategic planning for the organization which will be beneficial for them to get better results on time (Kauppila and et.al., 2018).

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While working on my career development plan, I get to understand that I have many skills which can be very useful for me as a HR development manager. I can implement those skills in my work to get it done effectively. For example: my creativity skill is very good which can be used for making innovative ideas for the organization to apply in it to get improved outcomes. It is very important to have a good command on transferable skills which is developed during the work process (Schön, 2017). Communicating, problem solving capability and teamwork come under transferable skills as they can be used by company to improve their work. It plays an important role for firm in various ways like it helps to improve diversity and flexibility in making an effective business strategy. It will also improve the leadership and its management which is very crucial for any organization to have. In my opinion, all these skills have their importance in making an effective career development (Transferable Skills, 2014).


From the above report, it can be concluded that an effective career development plan is very important for any person to improve his skills. For an HR development manager, it is very crucial to have these skills in him in order to work effectively for the company. It also explained various methods through which these skills can be improved in order to become perfect in the job and can help the organization to get good outcomes.

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