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Unit 5 Marketing Essentials Level 5 Regent College

Project Title

Adoption of digital technology have become an important aspect where various tasks performed by the management have become easier and can be practiced in no time. Its adoption has also been able to reduce overall cost of the company. Not only in marketing, but an important role is played by digital technology in managing various activities of the business. It can include, recording aspect, inventory management, supervision of human resources, etc. Constant innovation in the technology is making various activities of the business quite easier further improving overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization (Blackwell, Lauricella and Wartella, 2014).

Marks and Spencer are the British multinational brand specialises in clothing, home products and other luxurious food products range. The organization have always aimed for targeting maximum number of customers and expanding at various locations. Adoption of digital technology helps the company in managing its inventory, warehousing, dealing with the situation of overstock and understock, etc. It can be stated that technological change in the organization have positive impact over the overall business activities and hence its appropriate adoption is important in this case.

  • Aim

The aim of present research is “To analyse the impact of digital technology on business activity: A case study on Marks and Spencer”

  • Objectives

Based on the above aim, following objectives can be prepared for the present research:

  • To assess the importance of adoption of digital technology
  • To analyse the impact of digital technology on business activity
  • To recommend marks and Spencer of effective adoption of digital technology
  • Significance of research

The present research will be conducted to ensure that various aspects that are related to adoption of digital technology can be understood in a well-defined manner. Digital media is commonly used by the organizations to tap maximum number of customers towards it. Hence, it important for the researcher to study the importance of adoption of digital technology for a company. It will also help in analysing the impact of digital technology on business activity.

  • Literature review

According to Blackwell and Schomburg, (2013) a surge in digital transformation in the companies can be notices where e business has been able to achieve significant financial success. Since, 1990s various evolutions have taken place that has been able to change the overall dynamics of the business world. The focus of today’s companies is to create smart products that are effective enough which are imply the extension of the present product cycle and process of the business. Organizations have started investing considerable amount of money in managing rapid change on the digital upfront so that transformation in this aspect can be adopted wisely. Another important aspect hat is related to digital technology is making products and service available to the customers in the most convenient manner so that overall customer base can be increased to the maximum possible extent. It has been able to use new and innovative business models that not only improve the experience of customer but it is also helpful in case of customers, partners and stakeholders as well.

It helps in bringing all the people together in such a manner that maximum profitability can be attained by the business. However, in comparison to this, as per the views of Armenta and et.al., (2012) adoption of digital technology lays an important role in empowering employees so that they can perform their task in the most effective manner. They are able to work better, faster and smarter. It becomes easier for them to collaborate, communicate and exchange adequate amount of data without any type of restrictions. It also helps in improving and enhancing team work at the workplace where they can share information on cloud and deliver their task in the most effective manner.

According to Nakamura and Chow-White, (2013) digital technology plays an important role in enhancing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty which are considered to be vital aspects for growth and survival of the business. However, it is important for the company to opt for right kind of technology to serve their requirements. Adoption of customer relationship management tools can help in collecting information regarding potential customers, their buying behaviour and their expectations rom the organization. It is considered to be one of the most effective customer engagement strategy for the company. Adoption of right kind of digital tools can help in saving time and run the business effectively. In this manner, it also becomes easy for the company to stay ahead of the competition and earn higher market share. However, in comparison to this, asper the views of Higgins, Xiao and Katsipataki, (2012) adoption of digital technology plays an important role in development of the business. If technology is adopted correctly, business tends to operate more efficiently.

Digitalizing various files makes it easy to have customized documents such as templates related to contract, user agreements, etc. record keeping also becomes easy task for the team. Communication is another important advantage of adoption of digital technology, where, emails can be sent to each other and sending documents back and forth also becomes an easy task to conduct. Customers are able to draw information regarding the organization on the website and they do not have to physically visit the office. Request information can also be easily handled with the help of auto generates mails. Various companies are also involved in web-based training programs where the employees need not be physically present in the training room and they can fulfil training requirements sitting on their desk only. It also helps in reducing the overall cost associated to it.

According to Lopez, Gonzalez-Barrera and Patten, (2013) it becomes easy for the management to manage large teams with the help of adoption of technology. Application track records with customer service call time can help the manager in understanding lag times and can help n providing coaching to the employees regarding the same as well.  Speed and GPS tracking is another support that can be gathered by the management for the products and services delivered to the customers. It can help in developing a positive image in the minds of the customers in a manner that positive social media campaigning can be initiated by the company for its better establishment. However, in contrast to this, asper the views of Fitzgerald, Bonnet and Welch, (2014) adoption of right kind of digital technology can help the organization in ensuring that best benefits are withdrawn from it by the company. The overall impact of the same can be understood through surge in revenues and profit aspect of the company. Moreover, overall enhancement in the market share can also be the right performance indicator for the company will respect to adoption of digital technology.

  • Research Methodology
  • Research approach

Research approach is considered to be an important aspect that plays an important role in taking the overall study forward. The present research on digital technology can opt for either of the two research approaches. These are, inductive or deductive. Inductive approach focusses upon development of new theory based upon the data collection method being used by the researcher. However, on the other hand, deductive approach is generally used by the researcher to test the existing theory. Hence, in the present research of digital technology, inductive approach will be used by the researcher where analysis will be made in such a manner that new theory can be developed to serve the purpose of research (Pearce et.al., 2012).

  • Research design

Research design tends to discuss overall strategy of the research where various components of the research are presented in logical manner. It acts as a blueprint to conduct a complete study. There are various types of research design, such as, explanatory, exploratory, descriptive, etc. In the present research descriptive of research design will be used by the researcher so as to solve the researcher problem identified by the scholar. Descriptive type of research design help in yielding rich data that can help in developing better understanding regarding the subject matter being chosen for the research. Hence, it can be stated that, it is an effective design to be adopted so as to reach to expected outcomes of the study.

  • Research philosophy

Research philosophy is considered to be an overarching concept that help in appropriate development of knowledge regarding the subject matter. It is a tool that helps in overall development of background of the study in such a manner that the researcher can reach to appropriate conclusion through the same. There are two types of research philosophies, interpretivism and positivism (Henderson, Selwyn and Aston, 2017). In the present research, positivism research philosophy will be applied so that a view point can be provided based upon the research conducted. It is due to the fact that researcher is planning to collect general data so as to reach to a specific conclusion. Hence, it will be the best suited strategy for the present research.

  • Sampling

Sampling is said to be the subset of whole population. It is quite difficult to collect and analyse data from the whole population. In such cases, a sample of the representation of overall population is selected in such a manner that best suited results can be extracted out of it. For the present research, probability sampling method will be used by the researcher so that equal opportunity is given to the population to be selected in the sample on which the whole research will be based (Buckingham, 2013). The present research aims at analysing the impact of digital technology on business activity. In such case, a sample of 10 managers of marks and Spencer will be collected to assess the impact on Marks and Spencer.

  • Data collection

Data collection is another important aspect which helps in understanding that in what manner the data will actually be collected. The process is decided in very logical and statistical manner as the whole research have huge dependence of data collection method being adopted by the researcher. In this regard, primary and secondary both type of methods will be used by the researcher. Primary data will be collected from manager of marks and Spencer in the form of Questionnaire. However, in the other hand, secondary type of data will be collected through books, journals and other online sources.

  • Data Analysis

After sampling and collection of data, another most important aspect of every research is to ensure that suitable data analysis method has been used by the researcher in such a manner that appropriate conclusion, recommendations and findings can be framed for the research. In order to fulfil this aspect of the study, qualitative type of data analysis will be used by the researcher where themes will be formulated based upon the findings (How is digital technology reshaping the organization of work ?, 2014). It will help in developing in depth analysis regarding the subject matter. In the present research of digital technology, analysis will be helpful in understanding various aspects of digital technology and its implication on business activity of Marks and Spencer.

  • Expected Outcomes

The research will be conducted by the researcher assignment help considering all the important aspect. It is expected that appropriate and actual information will be revealed by the participants and there will be no discrepancy in the answer that will be generated by them. Further, it also expected that the questionnaire that will be designed for the research will be effective enough that it will be able to reach to the expected outcomes of the study considering all the important aspects that are directly or indirectly related to digital technology.

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The researcher will make sure that the time scale that has been decided by the researcher is effective enough and all the milestones being decided in it will be achieved in the said duration. All the budgetary and time line constraints will be met in a well defined manner without leaving any type of discrepancy in it.

  • Timescales

  Key Activities










































Preparation of Literature Review





















Retrieving Secondary Data





















Examination of collected data





















Preparation of research design





















Preparation of overall research methodology





















Collecting Primary Data





















Analysing the collected primary and secondary data





















Framing Conclusions and Recommendations





















Completion of remaining work





















Revising and drafting





















Final Submission






















  • Armenta, Á. And et.al., 2012. The new digital divide: the confluence of broadband penetration, sustainable development, technology adoption and community participation. Information Technology for Development. 18(4). pp.345-353.
  • Blackwell, C. K. and Schomburg, R., 2013. Adoption and use of technology in early education: The interplay of extrinsic barriers and teacher attitudes. Computers & Education. 69. pp.310-319.
  • Blackwell, C. K., Lauricella, A. R. and Wartella, E., 2014. Factors influencing digital technology use in early childhood education. Computers & Education. 77. pp.82-90.
  • Buckingham, D., 2013. Beyond technology: Children's learning in the age of digital culture. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Fitzgerald, M., Kruschwitz, N., Bonnet, D. and Welch, M., 2014. Embracing digital technology: A new strategic imperative. MIT sloan management review. 55(2), p.1.
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