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Introduction to Social and Cultural Geographies

The media is considered as the biggest section of the country which represent many things in such a structured manner whereby all information can be passed to the public. Accordingly live of individual person is affected by television and media to a great extent. The meaning of sexuality is created by media by portraying several kind of events and specific incidents happened. This is helpful to understand the role of sexuality that how a person get attracted towards the same or opposite sex. However, the history represent the negative role of LGBT community in media due to intolerance of community. However, society do not accept such kind of people due to different culture, values and assumption and they discriminate with them a lot. It generally happens in North America and English-Speaking countries. However, currently efforts are put by media to ensure the acceptance of such kind of community in accordance with norms and set procedures.


The LGBTQ is community that is referred to a group of people that are lesbian, gay, transexual, bisexual and queer. The societal acceptance of such individuals is quite less as compared to people who are categorised as straight or homosexual. According to McInroy and Craig (2017) LGBT individuals are generally considered as the criminal due to their involvement in activities related to sex and they are not accepted in the society. For this purpose, they are generally excluded. Such kind of aspects do not allow them to request for equality in community and workplace both. Gillig and Murphy (2016) critically evaluated that LGBTQ do not have proper right to ask for their equality because of their different role from society. Owing to this, they have to suffer from higher level of discrimination. Though, the major issues related to sexual activities are seemed to be the reason of such kind of community only. For example problem related to AIDS highlighted the LGBTQ community as most of such kind of people need to enter into such kind of profession. However, they remain at higher health risk due involvement of sexual intercourse with number of people. Though, they are criticized a lot for their such kind of activities and it is the major reason society do not accept them.

McInroy and Craig (2015) reported that negative portrayals such as homophobic and stereotypes reactions. This ruins their image and they do not find the safe place in the society. For this purpose, media can play important role through supporting such kind of community and requesting for their equal right in the society.


The current research is more theoretical in nature and accordingly type of investigation is qualitative only. It consists of several sources of information which aid to produce valid information and meet the purpose of the study in an effectual manner. In this regard, both primary and secondary data are collected so as to gather important information. The source selected for collection of primary data is interview whereby 10 journalist are targeted for collection of information. However, secondary data are collected from sources such as journals, books and online articles so as to incorporate important information. Apart from this, purposive sampling method have been selected whereby researcher can effectively target the respondents who possess enough knowledge regarding the selected research issue.

The section of data analysis is completed with the help of thematic technique under which themes are presented along with detail description. It leads to derive valid outcome and assist scholar in meeting the research aim and objectives in the right manner. In addition to this, reliability and validity of the current research have been ensured through application of right kind of sampling method and data collected aspect. Moreover, the exploratory research design has been applied to explore new insight on the basis of in-depth research. Apart from this, deductive research approach is applied so as to focus on general information to reach to the specific one. It leads to develop new theory and provide new direction to the research. In this manner, selected research methodology is most beneficial in the completion of the current research so as to accomplish the aim and objectives in the right direction.


The data analysis section of the current research project has been completed with the help of thematic technique under which themes are presented in a structured form. All themes are supported by evidence and information collected from respondents. This part has been completed in the following manner-

Theme 1: LGBTQ community is negatively represented in media

The information collected from primary data reflects that LGBTQ community was represented negatively in media during the past year. It was happened due to negligence and rigid approach of society. This aspect affected their right to a great extent as negative portrayals shown in the form of homophobic and stereotypes. They quoted that LGBT is highly misrepresented as they focus is laid on gay and lesbian character only through which other character remain unrevealed (Craig and et. al., 2015). This creates issue for them and accordingly they do not get the right to earn and live independently in the society. For example, the rationale of AIDS was considered as the large existence of LGBT community. In this regard news coverage showed that LGBT community is at fault and meanwhile they went one step back to the equality by considering them as inferior for society. However, it leads to bring the education in the school regarding the LGBT people.

Theme 2: LGBTQ community can be protected by using media only

The collected primary data reflects that LGBTQ community is being pressurized and they are not provided equal right even at workplace and in community as well. Owing to this, the issue can be raised into the media so as to raise the awareness among society. It is made possible just because media has power to spread a news in faster manner. The impact of media industry can be seen on government of nation and accordingly appropriate rules and regulations can be formed for the protection of people (Kern, 2014). It has also been found that media can be reveal that categories of LGBTQ so as to provide the equal right for all people. This is because most of public is aware of major aspects such as lesbian and gay as well as transgender only through society is unaware of other form of this community. Owing to this, media could help LGBTQ group to get justice. It is just media must take everything positively. However, efforts are being put to provide them justice by raising awareness for them. It would be effective to secure their right and provide them independent life.

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Theme 3: LGBTQ community is supported and promoted through the positive approach of media

The collected from primary data reflects that LGBTQ community is supported and promoted by media through which positive approach. However, media is highly responsible for growth and development of nation and accordingly all communities are highlighted. For example, poor people are provided benefit from the end of government just because of the highlights of media (Miller and Lewallen, 2015). It leads to cater their requirement effectively and provide them some benefits so that accordingly they can manage their routine activities. In the same manner, all kind of communities are taken into account by the media so as to ensure the growth and development of the community in an effectual manner. The found that just because of media LGBTQ people get visibility in front of large population and they started talking openly.

Theme 4: Film industry is the perfect contributor of portraying LGBTQ community in Media

According to the collected information, it has been found that film industry is playing important role in portraying the LGBTQ community by assigning some role to them. It is helpful to ensure the contribution and assistance of people related to the mentioned community. During the year 2013 approximate 17 movies out of 102 were characterized by gay, lesbian and bisexual as well as transgender from which 17 were portrayed in an offensive manner. This reflects that industry is providing the opportunity for such kind of community still the equality is not being ensured (Perry and Dyck, 2014).


The aforementioned report concludes that LGBTQ community is suffering from the issues related to inequality and independent life as well as respect in the society,. IN this regard, media can be quite helpful to elevate their status in the society. However, they portrayed negatively in media due to issues related to AIDS and uncertainties exist among them with regard to sex status. Owing to this, they are being excluded from the society and not provided equal right. For this purpose, media can be assistive to promote their rights and provide them secure position in the society. In addition to this, categories of LBGTQ can be presented well by using the media and describing their status in a most effective manner so they can be treated with respect even at workplace, society and school etc.


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