Managing Communications Knowledge

Introduction to Managing Communications A business enterprise is an organization which is intended in the production or the distribution of goods and services so that it can earn profits and become wealthy. In today’s era... Continue reading

  • Published: 13 Feb , 2018
  • Type: Assignment

Impact of Business Environment

INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT In corporate terms business environment states about numerous attributes that have considerable impact on business operations. It incorporates range of stakeholders of busin... Continue reading

  • Published: 06 Feb , 2018
  • Type: Case Study


INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STRATEGY Business strategy is a strategy to achieve its desired or specific objective. It mostly made for long term business planning. Another explanation might be that it is art, science and craft of m... Continue reading

  • Published: 01 Feb , 2018
  • Type: Case Study

Business Law for Managers

INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW Business law is the prominent aspect that contains legal framework related to formation as well as winding up of company. It assists corporation to move ahead in an ethical way. It assist management... Continue reading

  • Published: 18 Jan , 2018
  • Type: Assignment

Research Application in Global Business

INTRODUCTION      Mumbai dabbawalas are showing their presence in India for over 125 years now without any brakes and stoppages. They have become an integral part of the Mumbai's culture. Ev... Continue reading

  • Published: 20 Dec , 2017
  • Type: Case Study
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